Nervous Contestant's Voice Stuns Judges

Jun 04, 2018 by apost team

Stephen Barry approached the stage humbly and shy, physically attempting to shake off his nerves before one of the biggest auditions of his life began. As the music started, a strong and vibrant voice emerged. The judges appeared to be impressed that a voice that soft and controlled was coming from a contestant that could not have been more than 25 years old. What happened next sent shock waves through the entire room.

As the chorus approached, it was as if all of Stephen's nerves had washed away.

His shoulders rolled back revealing a confident and strong posture and his voice bellowed the tune of a song that sounded as if it were written just for him. His eyes, which up until this point had been tightly shut, perhaps imagining singing to an empty room, opened and a bright smile emerged. A confident and daring candidate gave way, and the crowd was not disappointed.

A surge of energy pulsed through the audience as they began to cheer and applaud. The adoration seemed to energize the young man into a comfort zone far beyond the judges' initial expectations. Bursting with excitement and feeding off of the crowd's energy, the judges joined hands and swayed to Stephen's beautiful voice. A second wave of confidence flowed through Steven as he shared a special moment with the judges in an ending that you have to see for yourself to believe. 

Stephen's experience is one that we can all learn from. Having the ability to believe in yourself regardless of the nerves or anxiety that may accompany you along your journey is powerful. Ending his incredible audition, he took a deep breath, smiled and knew that he offered his very best.

If you take anything from Stephen's story, it should be this; never let your nerves hold you back, because you might just surprise yourself and gain fans along the way. 

Did Stephen's voice surprise you as much as it surprised us? We are definitely not the only new Stephen Barry fans! We would love to hear from you and your friends about the most shocking contestant voice reveals that you have ever witnessed!