Nervous Boy Is Alone On Stage But Once Song Starts The Judges Fly Out Of Seats In Disbelief

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

In this video from 2017, one young boy who appeared on The Voice Kids shows off his incredible talent. With the chairs of the three judges turned away from him, shy and awkward looking Abu begins belting out a hit Celine Dion song. As soon as the judges heard the first few words, their faces all lit up. Hearing the beginning of this stunning rendition of My Heart Will Go On, all three judges promptly hit their buzzers. Having done so, they then swing their chairs around to watch the boy with rapt attention.

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Delight dances across the faces of all three judges. Two of them go so far as to begin miming famous gestures from the song's video. The audience clearly adores him as well, giving him a standing ovation well before the song ended.

Just when it seems it can't get any better, it does. He comes to a particularly challenging section of high notes and nails it. The camera pans around to the surprised delight of various people there, including the judges.

At this point, two of the judges leap to their feet, their emotions showing not only on their faces but also in their exuberant body language. Before the song is over, the only male judge of the three, Sean Dhondt, runs forward to sit on the ground in front of the boy. It is an evocative moment as if the boy is not a mere singer, but also an inspiration.

This is a video you will want to watch more than once to catch all the details. It's an adorable scenario set against its own live music, practically a real-world scene from a musical.

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