Neil Diamond Amazes Broadway Crowd With Impromptu Performance Of 'Sweet Caroline'

Jan 26, 2023 by apost team

Singer-songwriter Neil Diamond received some of his best-known success thanks to his soft, summer-minded song "Sweet Caroline," which he released after suffering somewhat of a slump in popularity in the late 60s. Diamond, who was inducted into both the Songwriters Hall of Fame (1984) as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2011), was then slightly irrelevant when he supposedly wrote "Sweet Caroline" in a motel. 

The single was allegedly inspired by the daughter of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was then the darling of the White House. When the song was released in 1969, Caroline Kennedy was a sweet preteen. She was featured on the cover of LIFE wearing an equestrian outfit, aside from her pony. As perfect as it would be to have the story, "On Her Pony Macaroni: The Fun of Being Caroline Kennedy," at the heart of the beloved song, Diamond eventually corrected the record. 

It goes without saying that Diamond is an icon in all aspects of his life. He married his then-wife Marcia Murphey, a production assistant, in December 1969. Together, they had two children, Jesse and Micah. Their union lasted an impressive twenty-five years before the couple ultimately divorced in the early 1990s. While Diamond's marriage did not last forever, the song it inspired seems to have eternal life.

More than 50 years since it was released, the song has remained timeless, as it is still one of the most favorite songs of people across the country. In December 2022, Diamond, during the opening night of Broadway's "A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical," got up from his retirement to sing the iconic song in front of a packed Broadhurst Theatre.

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Neil Diamond (2016), (Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

In the decades since its release, "Sweet Caroline," has gone on to receive endless praise and a place in American songwriting history. In 2019, "Sweet Caroline" was selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in the National Recording Registry. Thus, it will be preserved due to its "cultural, historic and aesthetic importance."

Diamond performed the single on television several times that year, which pushed the song to the number four spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August 1969. It was then certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) shortly after that, selling over one million singles. 

Diamond was set to tour the world again in 2018 for the third leg of his 50th Anniversary tour. However, after a shocking Parkinson's Disease diagnosis, the music icon went into retirement to prioritize his health. 

"It is with great reluctance and disappointment that I announce my retirement from concert touring. I have been so honored to bring my shows to the public for the past 50 years. My sincerest apologies to everyone who purchased tickets and were planning to come to the upcoming shows," he said in a statement

But despite going to retirement, Diamond has surprised his legion of fans in the country as he gives impromptu performances on special occasions. 

For example, in 2020, he performed at the 24th Annual Power of Love Gala in Las Vegas. Diamond also made a special performance at the Boston Red Sox game in June 2022, as he joined its fans in continuing the tradition of singing the iconic song during the eighth inning of a game. 

In an effort to honor Diamond's legacy in the music industry, "A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical," was mounted – a musical retelling based on the life of the singer.

Prior to opening on Broadway on Dec. 4, 2022, "A Beautiful Noise" ran for four weeks at the Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. 

The opening night of "A Beautiful Noise" on Broadway was attended by celebrities and music icons like Tony legend Audra McDonald, music exec Clive DavisJane Krakowski, and even Bernadette PetersPeople Magazine reported. 

After watching the incredible performances led by Will SwensonMark Jacoby, and Robyn Hurder, Diamond surprised the crowd with another impromptu performance at his box seat. 

"Sweet Caroline, Good times never seemed so good, I've been inclined, To believe they never would, Oh no, no," Diamond sang flawlessly as the crowd cheered and sang in response to the iconic chorus. 

The official Instagram page of "A Beautiful Noise" posted the nostalgic performance on the social media platform, and fans of Diamond couldn't help but tear up watching the music icon perform the song flawlessly, even if he's already 82 years old. 

"I've watched this a dozen times and get choked up every time. This man has been part of the soundtrack of my entire life. What a gift this little moment is," a fan shared

"Omg!! I got chills. I love him and this song so much. Neil Diamond is a true living Legend," another commented

"How amazing to have witnessed this. I'm having chills listening to it. Bless his heart for blessing all of those there. My late father inlaw had this evil disease. But it didn't change him. For he continued loving us as we loved him. Spend your time loving what you do and with those around you," someone opened up

Evidently, Diamond's energy and charm while singing "Sweet Caroline" never faded, even if he's riddled with a life-changing illness.

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