Neighbors Point Newly Installed Cameras At Couple's House, So They Hang Clothes Line To Block Their View

Sep 17, 2021 by apost team

Getting new neighbors can be a gamble; sometimes we luck out and we find friends who change our lives, but other times, we are unfortunate to get neighbors who go out of their way to make us miserable. From being nosy to going as far as stealing from the porch, a bad neighbor can be the difference between a peaceful existence and one filled with dread and anger. There are many stories on the internet about how people dealt with such situations, and more often than not, these stories are entertaining.

One TikToker named Megan C. Reid showed how she and her partner dealt with some nosy neighbors who had pointed all of their newly installed cameras directly at their home. And it wasn't just one single camera. The neighbors had pointed five cameras at their home, which is a violation of privacy by most standards.

How can one deal with such a situation without creating a hostile argument? Reid decided to handle it with a touch of humor and created a DIY solution to ward off the neighbors' wandering cameras. Her inventive solution involved a simple clothesline and a bunch of snarky and clever T-shirts, which shows a fun way to deal with difficult people. 

Reid recorded everything on her camera and uploaded the video onto TikTok, where she has gotten hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments commending her for taking care of a bad situation in her own way. Read on to know more about Reid's solution and how her neighbors reacted.

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Bored Panda reported that Reid has recently been drawing millions of viewers on TikTok with her series of “crazy neighbor” videos. In her videos, she explains how her neighbors have pointed five different cameras at her home's entrance and driveway, which is irksome at best and intrusive at worst. These five cameras are in addition to the front-door camera that the neighbors have, which shows that these neighbors likely did not trust or like Reid and her partner. 

Reid decided to hang a long clothesline to block the view, and to stop the camera as well as send a message, Reid hung up T-shirts with snarky and clever messages. In the video she uploaded, viewers get a glimpse into Reid's cleverness and sense of humor — and her own twist of taking care of a difficult situation.

Along with regular clothes, such as T-shirts and pants, Reid also had some colorful additions, like a superman costume, a shirt with a no photography logo and another piece of attire saying “Dryer Broke” and “I Win.” Reid certainly sent her own message across!

Her video on TikTok also showed the locations and views of the cameras that were installed, which shed light on how intrusive they really were. Moreover, the neighbor also had a bad reaction whenever Reid let the dogs out to run around in their fenced-off yard. The neighbors had a really loud alarm go off whenever the dogs crossed the threshold. This certainly painted a picture of a pretty difficult neighbor to deal with.

Reid also told viewers of how her neighbor reacted to her clothesline: they actually called the police once all of the laundry was hung up! When the police showed up, they reportedly just laughed at the situation and walked away. As Bored Panda asks, "You can’t arrest someone if they’re putting up huge pieces of laundry on their property, right?"

There were a lot of comments left by people when Reid shared her story on TikTok. Most people extended a lot of support to Reid and her partner and supported her clever trick to make the neighbors' camera keep away from her

One person commented their own story of a nosy neighbor and their solution by writing, "YES! We are currently dealing with neighbors who set cameras on the fence line DIRECTLY into our yard. We made signs for them to stare at."

Another person wrote, "there are laws and there are morals, and it is obvious that this neighbor and the ones defending the cameras don't have any morals." While a third chimed in, "I just like that you have a shirt explaining that the dryer broke and that you won."

However, others thought that her solution was too time-consuming and petty. One person said, "Could you imagine paying hundreds of dollars to be petty neighbors?" while other people added that they loved the level of pettiness Reid was willing to go to.

In any case, Reid has shown that there are other ways to deal with nosy neighbors and have fun in the process as well! 

What did you think of Reid's solution to her neighbor's camera installations? Tell us your thoughts, and be sure to pass this on to others to see what they think of it as well! 

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