Neighbors Are Plagued By Potholes Until Mother Finds 12-Year-Old Son Standing Outside With Shovel

How often do we see something that needs to be done or is in need of repair in our community and say to ourselves ‘someone’ needs to do ‘something?’ Few ever take the initiative to be that someone doing something. Monte Payne recently decided he’d be that someone to do something about a community problem, and he’s only 12-years-old.

Meet Monte Payne

Monte’s mom, Trinell, frequently hit the dozens of potholes in the street that she and her son live on in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. Trinell and Monte’s grandmother both suffered flat tires in the same month, presumably from hitting these potholes.

Monte saw a problem, and he decided to act. He had a half-day at school this particular day. Instead of playing video games or watching television during his free afternoon, Monte decided to grab a shovel and a trash can. He filled the can with dirt from his mom’s garden and headed for the road.

The preteen boy took it upon himself to fill one of the closest potholes to his house so that neither his family nor neighbors would fall victim to its wrath. And, he didn’t stop there. By the end of the day, he had filled 15 to 20 more potholes.

He continued his work the next day, too. Monte filled over 50 potholes on his street, and he did it without prompt, without help, and without reward.

Trinell is one proud mom. In a video she posted on Facebook, the neighbors are quite proud of their neighborhood boy, too. One neighbor passes by in the video and can be heard saying that Monte is a hard worker who’s going to be something.

Apparently, good deeds are in Monte’s blood. He tidies the yard. He runs errands for his grandparent. According to his mom, he’s just the kid always willing to pick up the slack.

Of course, dirt in potholes will wash away eventually. Monte’s DIY efforts aren’t a permanent, professional solution to the pothole problem on his road. What it is, however, is an inspiration for change.

It’s a proposal that we should all make every effort we can everywhere we can, not just wait for someone else to do that something we see needs doing.

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