Navy Man Returns Home To Find Out His Wife Kept Her Pregnancy Secret During His Deployment

Aug 14, 2018 by apost team

A pregnant woman waited for the right time to reveal herself to her husband. Here's what she did.

Pregnancy reveals are always fun, especially when they receive a positive reaction. A U.S. Navy man received the news of his wife having their fourth child in an amazingly unique way. Natasha, the man's wife, found out that she was pregnant with the child a week after he got deployed to the Western Pacific. She could have told him by email when they talked, but she decided to make the event special. She wanted to give him a big surprise, and she felt like the email notification was just too impersonal for her. Here's what she did.

She did everything she could to hide the pregnancy from him for about six months. She still sent him pictures of herself and their other three kids on Facebook and things like that. However, she found a lot of interesting ways to cover up her stomach during the six months. She would usually take pictures with some of the other kids in front of her, or she would have something blocking the view of her belly. She was really good at this, and she never suspected a thing the whole time.

There was only one time during the whole six months that she almost told him about it. That was because she found out that he was going to be spending some time in the area where tension was high between the US and the other people. She didn't want anything to happen to him without telling him that he had fathered another child. Still, she kept the secret all the way until his return date.

He returned in June of 2017, and she went to greet him, but she had a huge sign over her stomach so he couldn't see it at first. He greeted his other kids and then he came over to her. The reaction that he gave his wife was priceless. You'll want to see this. It was one of those moments that can never be duplicated and can never be forgotten by anyone.

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