Naughty Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa To Order Items While Owner Is Gone

Alexa can be a fun item to have around the house. You can listen to music and even change the channels on your television. Rocco is a parrot, and when he discovered Alexa, he fell in love.

The bird started talking to Alexa and was happy when the device started answering him back. When Rocco was housed at the National Animal Welfare Trust, he made a few people uncomfortable with the words that he would say. The owners at the sanctuary found a new home for him, and it was in this home that he found Alexa.

After finding out what he could do by talking to Alexa, Rocco started ordering things off of Amazon. Packages of his favorite foods would show up at the door along with other items that a parrot doesn't really need. Rocco has been living with one of the workers from the sanctuary. While in his new home, he's been stirring up a few problems.

Parrots are known for copying what they hear. If Rocco has heard things being ordered from Amazon, then it's not really surprising that he would want to do the same thing.

When his owner started making a shopping list using Alexa, Rocco would add a few items to the list so that he got what he wanted as well. His owner now has to double check the order that has been made so that there aren't any surprises on the list.

Even though Rocco likes to place Amazon orders and listen to music, he's a special parrot who is loving life in his new home. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below and pass this on to your friends and family! This will surely put a smile on their face!