Husky Gets Scolded By Owner For Eating His Bed, Throws Tantrum To Shut Her Up

If you have ever had the pleasure to pet a Siberian Husky, then you know just how amazing and beautiful they are. They have pointy ears, piercing blue eyes, and lush coats of fur. However, this breed can be quite the handful. One human mother has her hands pretty full with her two gorgeous huskies, Luna and Blu.

Huskies are known for being a very vocal animal. While they do not bark often, they will whine or moan. They will also howl and make chirping noises. When they do howl, they produce a very haunting noise, according to the website of "Rescue Every Dog." While the human parents of the huskies may find this amusing, not everyone in the neighborhood will!

Blu's mother knows this more than anyone. When her two pups get vocal, they know how to use their talent to throw a temper tantrum that would make any human 2-year-old proud. When Blu isn't able to get his way, he makes sure that he makes his displeasure known to everyone within hearing range.

There is now a YouTube channel that is dedicated to Blu and his amazing tantrums. Any time that he gets into trouble, Blu makes sure that everyone knows how he feels about it. He hollers and yells and makes sure to carry on as much as possible. He even looks like a kid throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get his way.

His face gets a scowl on it when he is annoyed, and you can tell that he is not happy with his human owner. When you look at his face you can see just how mad Blu can really get. It is hysterical.

Blu was particularly annoyed one day when his humans decided that it was time for a date night. He was left home alone with strict instructions to behave. However, Blu is having none of that. He decided that he was going to rip up his bed in defiance. The best part is that he has no shame for what he did. He is absolutely defiant when his mother starts to question him about what happened in their absence. You can barely hear her over his whining and complaining!

Check out the video below:

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