'National Treasure' Betty White Sports Elegant Hairdo In A Photo With Smokey The Bear

Betty White, the U.S.'s national treasure, wished Smokey the Bear a happy 75th birthday on social media. The "furry firefighter" celebrated his milestone on August 9th. He's one of America's most well-known figures trying to keep our forests safe from flames. 

"The Golden Girls" actress wrote alongside a picture of her and Smokey, "Happy 75th birthday to my favorite, furry firefighter!!! You can hear me bring his emoji to life in the link in the bio!" Betty wore her hair in her famous hairstyle looking as young as ever. 


Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In the video, Betty White does the voice over for an animated Smokey the Bear. She says,

"For 75 years he's[Smokey] only said, 'Only you can prevent wildfires,' But there's a lot more to say." Betty then goes on to give a tip about preventing a spark. "If you park your call on tall, dry grass the hot exhaust pipe can start a wildfire, so keep the animals safe especially the cute shirtless one." 

Betty has done a lot of work with conservationism, she visits zoo's and advocates for teaching and learning. She went to America's Teaching Zoo where she got a warm welcome from a turtle who was the same age as the actress. In a photo another photo shared to Instagram, Betty said, 

"Got a very special welcome from my old buddy, Clarence (who's my same age!) on a recent visit to #americasteachingzoo at #moorparkcollege. What a special place!" 

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