Name A Band/Artist For Each Letter Of Your Name And Then Test Your Knowledge In This Rock Genius Quiz

Feb 12, 2018 by apost team

There are so many bands and artists out there, surely there's enough for each letter of the alphabet? We will soon find out. When you've managed to come up with a band or artist for each letter of your name, try your hand at this rock genius quiz. It's tougher than you think though :)

Are you a music nerd? Do you constantly have a new song stuck in your head? This challenge may well be the one for you :) First off, we want you to try and name an artist or band for every letter of your name, so good luck if you have X in your name ;)

Then we challenge you to get 100% in this rock genius quiz. Then, and only then can you be crowned a music god or goddess!

Was that tougher than expected? We did try and warn you :D

It's all just a bit of fun at the end of the day though! So could you name enough bands/artists to spell out your name?

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