My Mom Is Awesome And She Is My Hero And Here's Why

Apr 11, 2018 by apost team

My mom is a special lady. She's my best friend and my biggest cheerleader. I know she's always there for guidance, to listen, and to motivate me. A lot of us probably don't tell our moms enough how much they mean to us. My mom is who I aim to emulate and here's why.

1. I'm Not Afraid To Tell Her Anything

People are judgmental, but not my mom. I know that I can tell her anything, no matter how weird, embarrassing, or stupid it may be. She's completely invested in my life, which means nothing is TMI.

2. She Gives The Best Hugs

Who do we always want when we're sick or afraid? Our moms, and that's because they give the best hugs. They nurtured us before they even met us, which shows how much they care. 

3. No One Is More Selfless

Moms give everything! From the moment we are born, they devote their entire life to raising us. My mom has sacrificed all of her free time taking me to soccer practice, parties, and other events. She'd do anything for me if I asked. She does so much without ever being asked, too.

4. She Inspires Me

My mom is nothing short of remarkable. I'm proud to know her every day. She inspires me to make the right decision or sometimes take a risk but is always the one to reassure me when I get something wrong. 

5. Her Heart Is Bottomless

No one loves me more fiercely than my mom. It doesn't matter how old I am. I will always be my mother's baby, which means she will console me, protect me, and take care of me as long as she lives.

6. Her Love Is Unconditional

No doubt my mom would help me hide a dead body, no questions asked. There's nothing I could do to ever make her stop loving me. She's there to help me through all my problems and help me learn and grow.

7. She Is My Personal Cheerleader

My mom believes in me even when I don't have confidence in myself. She expects greatness from me, which helps me strive to be my best. Even my most mediocre accomplishments are reasons to celebrate.

8. She Will Never Lead Me Astray

We've all felt lost at some point. When I didn't know what I wanted to do in life, she helped me discover my purpose. Whenever I'm not sure about a relationship, she helps me list the pros and cons. Every important decision in my life has been made with the guidance of my mom.

9. She Has The Funniest Laugh

There is nothing sweeter sounding than my mother's laugh. It's warm and bubbly. No one can resist joining in and she always knows how to cheer me up.

10. She Teaches Me Every Day

She's my mom. It's her job to show me the ways of the world. Her perspective is always so enlightening. I always come to her for advice when I am unsure or just need someone to talk to about something. I respect what she has to say and I listen carefully so I can understand everything she has said. 

Want your mom to know how loved she is? Show her this list or make your own.