My Daughter Is The One With The 'Piercing' Blue Eyes -- That No One Wanted

You might have heard stories of kids being abandoned by their parents due to their disabilities. While some of them find homes to take them in, others end up being put up for adoption.

Unfortunately, some of those kids, even after being put up for adoption, don't find families to take them in. Such is the case of one little girl, who, initially, nobody wanted to adopt, until she found a good family willing to adopt her.

Her Story

On this day, the little girl wasn't feeling well. Whatever she is going through at this time is not something her parents can't figure out. All this little girl wants is to be close to her parents who are doing everything they can to ease her discomfort.

For three years, this is what the family has been going through. Ever since they met Primrose, the lives of everyone in this family have turned in all ways.

Most importantly, they have learned to love each other unconditionally.

How They Saw Her

Chris and his wife had always wanted to adopt a child from China. While on Facebook, his wife saw a post on adoption. She was so excited, and she immediately sent an email asking for further details on the girl.

From the photo, it was clear that the little girl was blind. You wouldn't miss her piercing blue eyes. She was exactly what they needed in their lives. They decided to take her file for review by trusted specialists and doctors.

To their shock, they didn't have words of encouragement. They knew right away that she was blind and deaf. The specialists told them that this would be too much for them to handle. It was very discouraging.

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After receiving the news, Chris and his wife could not sleep that night. They hoped that the specialists were wrong. So, they requested for a recent medical file at the agency.

Chris told his wife that if the girl were meant to be theirs, then she would come to them. A few weeks later, they received an email saying that Primrose had passed her latest hearing exam.

They could not believe it. Finally, they got the little girl. It was all they wanted.

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