Baby Orangutan Abandoned In A Cardboard Box Is Brought Back To Life

While we’re hearing a lot about the fires that are ravaging Australia displacing animals, it’s not the only country that’s dealt with the displacement of animals. Indonesia is one country in particular that has had numerous issues to deal with, including poachers. Gito was a four-month-old baby orangutan that was likely taken from his home when his mother was killed, when he was discovered by a family that decided to make him a pet – and the results were saddening.

Ultimately, the family was unable to care for Gito, so they put his tiny body in a cardboard box and abandoned him. When rescue workers discovered the little monkey, he was suffering from severe dehydration after being fed only condensed milk, according to The Telegraph.

The tiny monkey’s body had already begun to mummify, with his arms wrapped around his body and frozen in place. He had something called sarcoptic mange, which means that his hair was falling out and his skin was turning gray on top of being itchy to the poor animal.

At first glance, rescue workers thought that he was already dead. When they discovered that he was still alive, they hurried to get him to the International Animal Rescue’s orangutan rehabilitation center. Located in Borneo, it would be a nine-hour drive to get the suffering animal there, and they weren’t sure that he would make it. Thankfully, he survived to get to the center.

Due to his infectious mange, Gito had to be kept apart from the other animals. Although he couldn’t be around the other orangutans, he was far from alone. Rescue workers were attentive and kept him constant company, working to massage coconut oil into his damaged skin.

The rescue organization turned to the public to Gito’s sad story and ask for financial help to continue his rehabilitation.

Despite his horrific conditions, within two months, Gito was well on the road to recovery. His appearance had changed drastically, with his skin looking supple and the monkey ready to play.

As of the last update, Gito was two years and doing well. He is currently attending baby school at the rehab alongside his best friend, Asoka, according to Orangutan Veterinary Aid. It is amazing to see how far this beautiful orangutan has come. We are so glad for the efforts of the rehabilitation team and their devotion to saving Gito’s life.

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