Mourning Mom Is Dreading 3-Year-Old’s Funeral When Strangers Donate Casket For Burial

A 4-year-old girl passed away in a tragic car accident in Ohio back in December 2016, and parents Steven and Moriah Durant lost their precious daughter Rosaria in the incident.

The couple spoke with news reporters as they were recovering in the hospital about mourning the terrible loss.

Only three weeks after the car accident, another little girl died. Three-year-old Lilliana Jade passed away after an accident that allegedly occurred at a daycare center in Wayne County, Michigan, reports Michigan Live. Lilliana was playing on the grounds of the center, and something caused a table to collapse and injure the child.

Lilliana had a twin sister, her mother Tabatha is a single parent who is taking care of two surviving children. It's hard to imagine the pain that Tabatha is feeling with the loss of her three-year-old.

The parents of the girl who died previously, Steve and Moriah, heard about this new tragedy that had befallen Tabatha and her family. They told FOX2 that as it was so soon after their own tragedy, they felt an urge to help Tabatha, even though the two families were complete strangers to one another.

One family in mourning helped another one in the same situation.

The Durants, understanding the gravity of what the parents of the three-year-old were going through, donated a casket for the toddler's funeral. The family of Tabatha thanked the Durants on television for their heartwarming gesture.

When such terrible things happen to the most adorable and innocent people in our lives, it can make the world seem like a much darker place. Perhaps when people reach out to each other with kindness, it can shed a ray of hope to help mend broken hearts.

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