Motorcyclist And Driver Act Fast To Rescue Scared Kitten From The Middle Of A Road In Belgium

Not all superheroes wear capes! This was made evident when the “superhero” motorcyclist rescued a scared little kitten from the center of the road. The orange little kitten was clearly alone and terrified.

Not only one, but two men took it out of their day and risked their lives in order to protect a tiny creature just looking for its way home.

A man known as Quentin was riding his bike in Mons, Belgium when he saw the kitten reports Yahoo. He pulled over and saw another man pull over in a car as well. He had seen the kitten as well and wanted to help.

The two quickly went back to where they had both seen the kitten and directed traffic around to avoid going near the scared little kitten. They didn’t want the little guy to get hurt. Quentin bravely ran into the middle of the road to gently scoop up the kitten and bring it to safety.

Unfortunately, Quentin is allergic to cats. He tells the other man he would bring the kitten home with him otherwise. Fortunately, the other man offers to look after the kitten, promising to take good care of it. Not only did he help rescue the kitten, he was going to take it home with him. There are both long and short clips of the rescue and the mens’ conversation. These were both shared on Reddit. Their dialogue was even translated by a Redditor.

You can watch the entire escapade in the video below:

What a daring rescue for the little cat. Have you ever rescued an animal in a similar way? Let us know in the comments below.