Mother’s Reason For Not Returning Her Shopping Cart Sparks Heated Debate

Jun 10, 2024 by apost team

Some suggest that a person's moral character can be judged by the “shopping cart theory.” The theory presumes that those who return their shopping carts to their original station after unloading groceries are of higher moral character, more considerate of others, and willing to do the right thing without being compelled. In essence, it is viewed as a test of a person's ability to self-govern.

Despite being generally easy and not particularly inconvenient, many shoppers still leave their shopping carts beside their cars before driving away. This behavior often elicits dirty looks from more conscientious shoppers. However, many remain unfazed by this and continue with such behavior as there is usually no authoritative figure around to force them to do otherwise.

However, one forceful mom is challenging this negative perception with reasoning she believes justifies not returning shopping carts. Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Leslie Dobson posted a TikTok video explaining her stance, which ignited a fiery debate among shoppers, especially other moms. The video has since garnered over 11 million views, highlighting how this seemingly minor issue resonates with the public.

In the video, Dobson begins by explaining her firm stance and why she believes she is justified in not returning shopping carts. While some agreed with her, others were outraged, arguing that the shopping cart theory remains valid. Meanwhile, some moms suggested alternatives that would allow Dobson to adhere to her principles while still returning her shopping cart.

Read on to find out more about Dobson’s justification and see the video for yourself.

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In her video, Dobson explained her strong stance against returning shopping carts as such:

“I’m not getting my groceries into my car, getting my children into the car and then leaving them in the car to go return the cart. So, if you’re going to give me a dirty look, f— off.”

Dobson's concerns for her children's safety are not so easily dismissed. In 2022, more than 250 children were left alone in cars that were subsequently stolen. As a result, some viewers commented that they "agree 100%" and would not leave their "baby in the car where I can’t see it." However, many viewers offered Dobson alternative ways to handle the situation.

“Single mom here!! So what I do is put the groceries in the car. Leave the children in the shopping cart. Take the shopping cart back with the children. Return them back to the car,” one user recommended.

“I lock my kid in the car for all of the 20 seconds it takes me to put the cart back and walk to the car. It’s literally a few seconds of them alone in the car. Safely and locked,” another said.

Others were more critical of Dobson’s actions.

“My sister has 5 kids and still puts her cart in the corral,” one viewer noted, while another said, “It was never about the shopping cart. It’s about the principle. It’s about answering the question: Am I willing to take some time out of my day to do something nice for nothing in return?”
Meanwhile, Dobson told that her reason for posting the video was to highlight that “because predators watch our patterns and routines and I wanted to give people permission to not return their carts if their intuition tells them they aren’t safe.”

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