Mother Without Arms Shares Methods She Uses In Order To Accomplish Her Afternoon Routine

May 29, 2021 by apost team

Sarah Talbi is a mother who was born on September 23, 1982, in Brussels, Belgium without both of her arms. But that doesn’t slow her down at all. Talbi is able to care for her daughter without any additional help and accomplishes most tasks by using her body in interesting ways that you may not have considered before. 

Talbi has her own YouTube channel where she shares videos of her living her daily life, but without arms. Talbi is truly an inspiration. She greets her daughter in the morning with a huge smile during her video titled “Full Armless Mom Afternoon Routine.” This mom has so much energy as she speaks with her daughter and tells her to hold her arms around Talbi’s neck as she lifts her from the crib with only the strength of her torso. 

Talbi and her daughter move into their living room where Talbi uses her feet to feed her toddler some yogurt. It is so impressive to see the way Talbi is able to use her feet the way someone with arms would use their hands. At one point she unscrews the top of a water bottle using only her feet. 

After feeding her daughter, Talbi sits on a chair in front of the sink and uses her feet to wash the dishes. It is jaw-dropping how easy she makes it look, but since she was born without arms she has had her entire life to practice and learn a new way of doing things. She uses her feet to wipe her daughter's face with a napkin and takes off her coat. Talbi even puts a sweater over her own head using only the power of her feet and legs.  

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This super-mom has her own YouTube channel where viewers can learn how she does daily tasks like getting dressed and eating without arms. Talbi’s biography on her page states: “Born without arms, I do everything with my feet, this is my version of art ‘Art without Arms.’ I will also share some moments of my life as an armless woman and mum.” 

The video of Talbi’s afternoon routine with her daughter has over 4 million views and 50 thousand likes. There are also over 3,500 comments left by viewers. Many of them stopped to compliment Talbi and wish her family well. “You are incredible! Lots of love to you and your little girl,” wrote one commenter.

Another person was sentimental about Talbi not being able to hug in the traditional sense because of her missing arms. They wrote, “Imagine never being able to hug your child, but then imagine being hugged by one. Now that's special.” It is sweet that Talbi’s daughter gives her hugs and you can tell by the way Talbi wraps her legs around her daughter that she is hugging her back.

One other commenter had words of encouragement for Talbi as a mother. “Only a mom can do this. No one is greater than this mom in the whole world,” the person wrote. Talbi truly is a special mom and a spectacular person for all of the extra efforts she has to go through to do what we might think of as simple tasks, and she does it all with a smile on her face.

Talbi also runs a popular Instagram account. In one of her posts she shares a video demonstrating how she eats without arms. The post reads: “Not having two arms gave me the option to create two ways to eat.” In the video, Talbi picks up the fork with her feet one way and shows how she can use a magnetic stand to hold the fork as well.

A majority of Talbi’s Instagram posts are dedicated to her looking fabulous in sleeveless tops and showing off other style choices. Under a picture showing off her outfit, Talbi wrote, “Many of you ask me how I go shopping, I generally do my shopping online but still love going into a shop with a friend and discovering what I could find out.” This mom is a style icon!

In a post from May 2021, Talbi shared a photo of her holding her daughter up in the air with her feet. The caption read, “Happy Mother’s Day! You know you are a mother when a little child jumps on you on Sunday morning.” Both Talbi and her daughter are smiling widely in the photo and it is so heartwarming.

Talbi is an incredibly inspirational mother and human being. She even offers some advice to her Instagram followers. She wrote, “‘I’ll see it when I believe it’ is one of my favorite quotes and it brings me much strength in my everyday life. What about yours?” This quote is a great reminder to maintain hope and perseverance and never give up, just like Talbi.

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