Mother With Nine Children Has Hands Full — Relies On Routine To Keep Everyone In Check

Mar 24, 2022 by apost team

Bedtime can be a challenge for some parents. Not only are babies going to keep you up at night, but their older siblings can be difficult to put to sleep as well. One mom of 9 children under the age of 10 has mastered her kids’ bedtime routine and even has time to read books to the little ones. This mom is Chloe, 29, from Perth, Australia. She and her husband Ro have four singletons, a set of triplets and a set of twins. 

Trying to do anything with all nine of her children can be daunting for Chloe, but important daily routines like bedtime have become easier with years of practice. When the evening starts to come around, the kids get busy cleaning up their playroom while their mom cooks a nutritious dinner. While the kids are eating, Chloe is free to feed the babies and children who can’t yet feed themselves. After dinner, it is bath time and all the kids take turns while Chloe baths the younger children. Her youngest, a baby girl named Birdie, was born in March 2022. 

Chloe and Ro are parents to Evan, Otto and Felix, who are all singletons, the triplets Rufus, Henry and Pearl, the twins Cosmo and Sylvie and last is baby Birdie. The family has their own Youtube channel called Life With Beans which features vlogs of the children doing fun activities as well as daily tasks like the bedtime video.

Keep reading to learn more about this big family and how they manage to get all of their kids to sleep on time every night. 

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The happy family welcomed their ninth child into the world on March 16, 2022. The baby is named Birdie and she is so precious. Chloe posted a photo of her youngest, along with a sweet caption. She wrote on Instagram:

“We are so happy to announce that our sweet baby girl finally arrived earthside yesterday morning…Home now, relaxing (😆) with her 8 big siblings 🥰 Thank you for all your well wishes. We are so so so in love. On cloud nine.”

On January 14, 2021, Chloe posted her nighttime routine video on Youtube and it has received nearly three million views. The video shows only eight of her kids because baby birdie was not born yet. In fact, the babies seen in the video are twins Cosmo and Sylvie. In the video, you see that after the kids have finished their baths, they all get in matching pajamas and then take some time to cuddle with Cosmo and Sylvie. It is a very sweet moment. 

After that, they all pile together while Chloe reads them a story. You can see how focused the kids are on the book during the video. 

Then, it is time to send everyone to their beds. The three older boys have some free time to read before they fall asleep, but the triplets get tucked in right away. The twins were still infants when this video was posted so they take a little more time to rock to sleep, and then Chloe places them in a crib together. 

We are sure that now with baby Birdie in the picture, bedtime has become even more complicated. However, Chloe and Ro do an excellent job caring for all nine of their children so there is no doubt that they can handle it.

What do you think about this mom of nine’s nighttime routine? Could you manage this many children? Let us know and feel free to pass this on to your friends and loved ones.

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