Mother Sings With Son On Stage But Their Song Choice Leaves Everyone Crying

This heartfelt version of "Say Something" sung by "Britain's Got Talent" mother and son duo Melody Bell and Jamie Gilpin is truly amazing. 

They not only perfectly harmonize with each other, but their love is very visible on stage. Your heart will not only melt but soar when hearing and watching their performance. It's performances like this that make this show a favorite to audiences all over Britain.

Judge Amanda Holden asked the mother and son pair how long they had prepared and been singing together. Jamie's mother Melody replied, "A couple of weeks," which makes this rendition all the more impressive. 

Melody, who has sung for years and still performs for retirees and disabled persons, took this chance to let Jamie's talent shine. As Jamie opened up with the song, Melody skillfully harmonizes and supports Jamie's vocals. This shining moment evoked upon the stage and in front of the television audience. 

Jamie stopped singing at the young age of 11 after being a victim of bullying. His traumatic experience affected his confidence and stage presence. 

When Melody and Jamie were done, they got a standing ovation from the audience and three of the four judges. Hard to please Judge Simon Cowell remained seated but gave them a well-deserved applause with a smile of approval across his face. Judge David Williams commented, "A very special bond between mother and son." Alesha Dixon described it as "A poignant rendition." Simon Cowell gave them what you must agree is the best compliment of all: "Your harmonizing actually improved the song." 

After watching this performance, you will agree that this is not just a beautiful rendition of "Say Something" by A Great Big World, but a beautiful moment showing the bond between mother and son on a national stage. It's moments like this that lift our spirits and gives us faith in not only dreams and aspirations but love itself. 

You can enjoy the video below!

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