Mother Releases Adorable Babycam Video Showing Off Her Family’s ‘Baby And Cat Bond’

Jul 07, 2022 by apost team

21st-century technology comes with a lot of perks. From cell phones to cameras and video cameras, a lot of our life is documented. One new mom, Kelly de Alba, caught a very surprising and cute moment on her baby security camera. One night after laying her baby in her crib, de Alba checked in on her daughter via the camera and found a surprise!

After looking at the camera, the mom found the family cat Luna in with her baby. The baby and cat were very happy snuggling in the crib before the mom told Luna to leave the crib. This isn’t the only time something like this has happened between the friendly feline and the sweet baby. 

The family originally got Luna from a shelter. Upon introducing Luna to the family, the sweet cat instantly snuggled up with baby Kallie. De Alba knew instantly that Luna was meant to be in their growing family. During the time that the family has had Luna, she has grown very close with the family's baby. Kallie and Luna have become nearly inseparable. They spend the duration of their day together and de Alba has shared that the dynamic duo gets simple happiness just from hearing each other's name. Luna has become a second parent to the girl, looking after her and trying to keep her safe. 

The de Alba family has so many videos of the baby and cat becoming best friends and sharing their special bond. De Alba said that the pair's bond seems to be unbreakable and she is so happy that they have such a strong connection.  

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In an interview with The Dodo in 2022, the mom said, “Right after I had Kallie, I started going to the shelter, and they said they had a cat they wanted to show us, and that’s when they brought in Luna, and I mean she instantly was on Kallie’s car seat." “She hopped up on my shoulder and I was like ‘I can’t leave without this cat’” she added.

Since bringing Luna home, de Alba said Kallie and Luna cannot get enough of each other.

“She lights up anytime I talk about Luna or vice versa. She lights anytime I bring her up or bring her near,” de Alba shared. 

De Alba also said that the family never expected the cat to be so sweet and loving towards such a young baby. “How gentle Luna is with her amazes me. Kallie can pull on her fur and Luna doesn’t even flinch,” she said. 

She said from the moment they brought the cat home, she essentially belonged to the baby. “From the start, she’s kind of been Kallie’s cat and I never saw it going the way it did. It is literally a baby and cat bond,” de Alba shared.

The baby and cat friendship has become an internet sensation. With millions of views on YouTube, De Alba has also started a TikTok page documenting the famous pair. The account has over 150,000 followers and over 13 million likes. If you take a look at the TikTok account you can see how close Luna and Kallie really are.

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