Mother Pulls Plug On Teen On Life Support - 1 Hour Later Sight On Camera Makes Nurses Break Out Into Run

Chelsea Banton fought illness and infections for most of her life. She was born five weeks premature and was only expected to live for 36 hours.

Baby Chelsea defied all odds and after spending the first four months of her life in intensive care she was able to join her family at home.

Her battle with health issues was just beginning, however, and by her second birthday, she had spent time in the hospital due to pneumonia, hydrocephalus, viruses that threatened to end her young life, and fluid retention.

The struggled for Chelsea was a constant one that took a turn for the worse when she reached the age of 14. Her mother Colleen knew that Chelsea's health was at its low point. A trip to the hospital revealed Chelsea was sick with doubled pneumonia, a collapsed lung, kidney failure, and staph infection.

Chelsea was placed on life support and the outlook was quite grim.

Chelsea spent seven weeks on life support. The decision was finally made to see if her body possessed the strength to function on its own. She was stable for a short time but her stats soon began to plummet.

Colleen felt blessed to have Chelsea for fourteen years of her life. She also felt it was time for her little girl to no longer fight constant pain and illness. She made the impossible decision to take Chelsea off life support.The family stood united in her hospital room in preparations for their final goodbyes to Chelsea.

An hour after the disconnection a figure appeared on the security cameras in the pediatric unit for intensive care. The image hovered not far from the door leading to the wing that was home to Chelsea over the last seven weeks.

The image puzzled everyone and nurses ran back and forth from secured monitors into the hallway to figure out the identity of the image on the security cameras.

A nurse showed Colleen what all the nurses had seen. There was no other explanation except it was an angel sent for Chelsea. Colleen used her phone to snap photos of the angel but it would not show on the screen of her phone.

The family felt it was a sign that Chelsea should be saved.The family returned to Chelsea's room sure they knew what to do now. However, something else happened that no one could believe. You will have to see the video to believe it!

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