Mother-Of-Five Receives $30,000 Dental Makeover That Allows Her To Finally Feel Worthy

May 11, 2021 by apost team

Getting a makeover can make anyone feel a little bit better about themselves. It can be empowering, especially for those who need some extra help in the department of self-confidence. A mother of five children received an amazing makeover in December 2018 in Australia. While plenty of makeovers consist of a new hairstyle or a new fashion style, this mother’s new style was all about her teeth and helping her get the smile she deserved.

Taking care of yourself is incredibly important in every facet of life, including mental, physical and emotional. While personal hygiene and proper diet and exercise can help with the physical aspect of one’s personal wellbeing, the steps to care for mental and emotional states can sometimes be tricky. Everyone’s journey is different, and although finding care and treatment for personal complications can be expensive, it is still critical to find a way to be healthy in every facet.

Angela Kennedy, a mother of five, received a dental makeover worth $30,000 from the television show Destination Happiness. The program has a Random Acts of Happiness service where people can go to nominate their friends and family to receive unbelievable gifts. 

Thanks to her sister-in-law’s nomination, the Destination Happiness team and a couple of kindhearted dentists, Kennedy was able to receive the dental treatment and makeover of a lifetime, helping her find her inner confidence and bring it to her outward appearance. Not only did Kennedy feel better about her physical demeanor following the makeover, but she felt better about herself in general, and finally felt worthy.

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Taking care of your teeth is critical for staying healthy and having good hygiene. A regular dental checkup can help with this. Going at least once every six months, or as often as recommended by your personal dental professional, can really help with keeping your teeth and gums clean, as well as preventing or treating any serious issues.

According to Dental Care, most regular visits to the dentist include two parts: a checkup or examination, and a teeth cleaning or oral prophylaxis. Typically during these visits, dentists check for anything that could harm the mouth, like plaque and tartar on the teeth and cavities. Without removing plaque, a sticky layer of bacteria, it can harden and turn into tartar. This cannot be removed through simple brushing and flossing, according to Dental Care. The buildup of these can eventually lead to oral diseases, affecting a person’s overall health.

Along with having your teeth checked, your gums will also be checked at a regular dental visit. If the spaces between your teeth are shallow, you’re most likely in good shape. However, you may be prone to gum disease if the spaces become deeper, according to Dental Care. After the teeth and gums have been looked at and cleaned, dentists will then engage in a careful examination of the tongue, throat, face, head and neck to check if there are any troubling signs.

Frequent dental visits are important, but so is the care that you can perform yourself at home. In between visits, it’s good to brush your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride. Flossing and using mouthwash are also critical steps in keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Along with keeping up a healthy physical regime, it’s also important to spend time focusing on your emotional health. According to Family Doctor, being emotionally healthy can help with controlling your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Knowing how to handle whatever you’re personally going through can help with later conquering all of life’s challenges. 

A healthy emotional state of mind can also help with overall confidence and self-worth as well as with maintaining good relationships, Family Doctor reported. This mindset does not mean that you will be happy all the time, but instead more aware of your emotions. Learning how to properly handle anger, sadness and other negative thoughts or feelings is important in maintaining a healthy emotional mind frame.

Lastly, taking time and finding resources to help maintain a healthy state of mind is critical to having strong well-being. “Destination Happiness” is a global mental health and wellbeing television show in Australia that was created and hosted by Angie Hilton. There is a YouTube channel dedicated to showing clips from the show to help more people around the world view wonderful acts of kindness. Destination Happiness is also available to watch across the globe on the Discovery network

According to the channel’s description, Hilton faced her own mental health struggles and suffered from debilitating anxiety and depression. This led her to want to not only get help for herself but for others who have also endured mental health crises. Hilton has since been incredibly passionate about her mission to help anyone who is going through a hard point in their life, especially with their mental wellbeing.

According to Destination Happiness’ YouTube channel, “(Hilton) was determined to learn how she could get back to happiness and stay there.” As the television show’s executive producer, Hilton today continues to work closely with experts in the psychology field. The team has constructed a litany of resources full of self-help tools to be shared with people all around the world.

The Destination Happiness website features content related to multiple topics, like resources for the mind and body. There is also a blog section on the site that features writing from Hilton with helpful advice to readers, as well as insights into interviews she has conducted over the years. She even gave readers her own happiness tip: “Get a great psychologist that you can check in with semi-regularly, even when you’re feeling good (for personal growth),” she wrote. 

Hilton also encourages daily self-care and practices it by frequently enjoying bubble baths. Finding health in all facets of life is important, but does not mean that personal problems are just going to disappear. Hilton has shown awareness about this concept, and said, “if the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”

The Random Acts of Happiness section on the website is a great place for people to nominate their deserving friends or family to be in the running to receive an ultimate act of kindness. Kennedy was one of the most noteworthy features the show had, as she received a dental surgery and makeover worth $30,000 thanks to Dental Happiness and their partnership with Morris Finance. The makeover helped “restore confidence in her beautiful smile,” according to the description of the episode.

In a video uploaded to YouTube in December 2018, a glimpse into Kennedy’s everyday life and how she views herself was shown, as well as the people who made her undeniably beautiful makeover possible. Although the video has been around for a few years, it has had a recent resurgence in popularity and reached over 88,000 views, with plenty of people leaving happy and positive comments about Kennedy and the Destination Happiness team.

Kennedy’s sister-in-law Amber Lovejoy nominated her for the makeover. During an interview with Hilton for Destination Happiness, Lovejoy talked about how great Kennedy is as a mother and how hard she works to support her family. She also mentioned how Kennedy has been stuck on the waiting list at the dentist for quite some time, which is why this opportunity to receive the much-needed dental surgery and makeover has come at the perfect time. “I think she’s really excited to see the end result,” Lovejoy said about Kennedy’s anticipation.

Kennedy revealed she was “shocked” when she found out during her interview with Hilton. Even more unbelievable was the amount of cash it was going to take to help her achieve her breathtaking smile. “It’s a lot of money,” Kennedy confirmed about the pricey procedure.

Periodontist Dr. Simon Hinckfuss and prosthodontist Dr. Chris Hart helped Kennedy achieve the smile she had always wanted. They took X-rays and conducted a full dental examination to find all of the issues she had regarding her oral health and hygiene in order to figure out what kinds of procedures they needed to perform. “She really was quite nervous,” Dr. Hart said about how Kennedy felt prior to her surgery. 

“Given her difficulty with dental treatment in the past, we wanted to make it a bit more gentle for her,” Dr. Hinckfuss said, and explained how the surgery was done over the span of a few sessions rather than all in one day. They had to work on finding a way to get Kennedy a set of teeth that would look great and be comfortable for her, as well as last for a while.

Throughout their time planning on how to get Kennedy the best set of teeth possible, the two dentists grew connected to her as they learned more about her story. “We’re just as excited to see her outcome as, I think, her and her family are,” Dr. Hinckfuss said.

In the final reveal, Kennedy looked incredible. She had her hair styled neatly to frame her face and wore a gorgeous blazer, accessorized with a stunning chain necklace. What really shined the most was Kennedy’s new set of pearly whites. The woman beamed when she saw the new version of herself, finally happy with the way her smile looked. She became overwhelmed with emotions as she had never seen herself in such a confident state before.

Her friends and family were just as surprised with her stunning new smile and radiant appearance. “Thank you for all your support,” Kennedy told them as she struggled to hold back her tears of happiness. “I don’t think I could do it without you.”

Kennedy’s makeover helped her in a number of ways. The beautiful woman not only got a stunning new smile, but she found confidence within herself to help make her feel more worthy and appreciated.

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