Mother Learns She’s Having Second Set Of Twins In Two Years & She Takes The News Better Than Father

Sep 10, 2021 by apost team

For couples who are starting families, often the number of children they each wish to have will come up and sometimes those numbers don't always align. But in a funny twist of fate, sometimes nature has a way of deciding things for couples out of their control and it can happen when you least expect it.

That was the case for 32-year-old mother Katie Clodfelter. After she and her husband Greg got married in 2016, the couple embarked on their parenting journey. To their surprise, they ended up having twin boys in 2018.

Now, Katie explains that she originally had wanted to have four children, while Greg had only wanted two. After making a compromise together, the couple decided to settle on three children. But to their surprise, soon enough Katie realized she was pregnant with twins once again! She delivered twin girls in 2020, despite doctors telling her it was extremely unlikely she'd have twins the second time around.

What's more, neither of her pregnancies were a result of IVF, meaning that Katie and her husband's two sets of twins were nature's way of giving Katie the number of children she originally wanted after all. 

Documenting her story via social media, Katie took to Instagram and since then her story has gone viral. Katie's story spread quickly and it seems the internet has found humor in her videos and how it proves that what women want, they usually have a way of getting! With her hands full with four young children, Katie admitted she is tired but incredibly happy. Let's take a look.

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In a video posted to her Instagram in June, Katie used a voice clip from the movie "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" to make light of the fact that she went from getting married in 2016 to having four kids by 2020. As text onscreen explains her situation, Katie mouths along to the voiceover from the movie that exclaims: "Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast."

But her story isn't as simple as that. She explained she and her husband Greg's situation in a different Instagram video, posted in late May. In a series of quick edits, Katie explains what happened with overlaying text that reads:

"Discussing with my husband how many kids we should have. Me saying 4. Him wanting 2. Me compromising on 3. Him agreeing to it. Having 2 sets of twins in less than 3 three [sic] years."

Clearly, Katie took the news of the couple having a second set of twins better than her husband. She enacts this perfectly in the video with the slight dance she does at the end, as she makes light of the fact that she got her way after all, even if she had compromised with him! Naturally, the internet found this very amusing, particularly other mothers who applauded Katie for finding a "loophole." One woman wrote:

"Well i guess ypu [sic] went through the process twice as he wanted with the outcome you wished for 😂"

Meanwhile, another person wrote on Katie's TikTok that showed the same clip:

"And that’s on the what wifey wants wifey gets — even if she doesn’t know it."

Yet another wrote "respect" on the TikTok video for her finding a supposed "loophole."

The videos attracted a lot of attention to Katie's situation after they went viral, leading some people to suggest that twins are an obvious possibility with IVF. But since she and her husband conceived naturally, Katie was compelled to clear things up in yet another video. In it she says:

"One, there's nothing wrong with IVF. Two, I didn't take IVF."

But outside of her comical videos about motherhood, Katie is perfectly happy raising her four children with her husband. The Sun reports that she said she still gets nine hours of sleep a night, although she did say:

“Tired as can be, but worth it to have lifetime shopping buddies.”

Meanwhile, another user commented on one of her videos, pointing out an important fact about Katie's parenting skills:

“If twins made you want even more kids then you’re doing parenting right! How common is this?”

As for how Katie's gorgeous kids are doing? Her twin girls just celebrated their first birthday yesterday, with the doting mother sharing a montage video that included clips of her daughters at various points in the last year. And as is the case for many twins, Katie has dressed her girls up identically, making the video simply twice as sweet to see.

Other videos that Katie posts include quite a number of comedy skits that make light of her situation, proving that she's quite a talented woman. If she ever wants to add even more to her surely very full plate, she could definitely make it as a comedian!

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