Mother Leads Blind And Autistic Son To The Piano And Absolutely No One Was Expecting The Stunning Performance That Was About To Happen

The premiere of "America’s Got Talent" aired recently. Being on air for 14 years, you would imagine the judges would have seen it all. But, one act took the stage who stole hearts in the audience and has now gone viral across the internet.

One 22-year-old, Kodi Lee, is a pianist and singer who happens to be autistic and blind. He has a fantastic ability to be able to recall and play a song after hearing it just once. There are only 24 other known people in the world that can do this. This ability is called audio photographic memory according to his website

Performing isn’t a new thing for Kodi. He has been playing for others for some years. But when he auditioned for AGT, he performed in front of his most massive crowd ever.

While on stage, Kodi was joined by his mom, Tina. She explained how Kodi found a love for music very early in his life. She tells of how when he would listen to music that his eyes would open wide with excitement and then he would begin to sing. 

She goes on to recall how music saved his life. She explains that his autism makes life really hard for him. He isn’t able to live life easily as others do but with the help of music, he is able to “deal” with the life that he has. He is able to do the things that everyone else does and that’s quite a big thing.

At this point, Kodi is ready to play for everyone. Tina helps him over to the piano and everyone waits in silence. When he begins to play, it’s very clear that he does have a talent that’s beyond measure. As he started to sing “A Song For You”, by Leon Russell, not one person expected what happened. 

Everyone was shocked, including the judges. Julianne Hough couldn’t help but let some tears flow. There was no doubt that the judges were impressed as you could tell by the expressions on their faces. 

As the performance ended, Kodi received a standing ovation with Cowell being the first to rise from his seat. He raved about Kodi and his performance and told his mom that he was extraordinary. Cowell goes on to speak of their relationship and how amazing it is and how he knows that this is something that Kodi will remember all of his life. 

Gabrielle Union, who was a judge for the first time on this episode, couldn’t agree more with Cowell. Union didn’t hesitate to give Kodi the Golden Buzzer. This allows him to skip the rest of the rounds of the competition and jump to the live shows. 

Confetti poured down and the rest of Kodi’s family ran up on the stage and began congratulating him. Kodi was overcome with joy and even shed a few tears of joy himself. Kodi has stolen the hearts of many.

Be sure and check out his performance and see what you think too:

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