Mother Is Pushing Parents Everywhere To Check Their Baby’s Toes For Tangled Hairs

Safety is a top priority for most parents. They get the best carseat on the market. They install safety products on electrical outlets and cabinet doors. They have baby gates in strategic locations. All of this is an effort to keep their baby safe.

But, sometimes, it's the things you suspect the least that can be the most dangerous.

Heather and Tommy are parents to newborn Jacob. Heather had put her two-week-old son down for a nap. When he woke up, she went to change his diaper. The couple was going out to a party that night, so they double-teamed getting the baby ready to go. After Heather got the diaper changed, she handed the baby to Tommy, so he could put socks on him.

The baby's father noticed something alarming. Two of Jacob's toes were a dark shade of blue. They hadn't been that way when he went down for his nap.

“I handed him to his dad Tommy to put socks on him when Tommy realized his two toes were blue and tied together with a strand of hair!!!" Heather is quoted as writing on Facebook in Yahoo.

A closer examination showed that hair was tangled around the toes, cutting off the blood supply. Heather pulled as much hair off as she could. They then rushed Jacob down to the ER. It took medical personnel another hour to get the rest of the hair off. The doctors told the parents that, if Heather hadn't taken that hair off when she did, they would have likely had to amputate those toes.

It's called hair tourniquet syndrome. And it's more common than you might think. Long strands of hair can easily tangle around toes and fingers. If not removed, it can tighten and cut into the delicate skin, cutting off blood to the area.

Heather has made it her mission to get the word out. She wants parents to check their babies for tangled hairs around the toes and fingers. And, for little boys, check around the penis. A similar warning has been issued by a dad in the video below:

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