Mother-In-Law Wants To Wear Her Own Wedding Dress To Son’s Wedding And Bride Shares Screenshots Of Her Mean Texts

Oct 14, 2021 by apost team

When two people get married, they are blending their families together as well. This can cause some tension when family members don't get along. One woman's mother-in-law seems impossible to get along with after seeing what she planned to do at her son's wedding.

This mother-in-law said she would be wearing her wedding dress on the day of the wedding. When the woman politely pointed out that wearing white, let alone a wedding dress, is not customary for someone other than the bride she was met with backlash and called cruel names. The bride even offered to help find a more suitable dress but the mother-in-law said that she will wear whatever she wants because she is paying for half of the wedding.

The bride was shocked by this behavior, even though she stated that her mother-in-law often treats her this way when her son isn't around. The woman decided to post her story to a forum on Facebook to get advice on how she should tell her future husband about the problem. The bride stated that her fiance tends to be a "momma's boy" and she didn't want to start any drama. 

Many users worried for the bride's future if this is the way her mother-in-law speaks to her. Fortunately, when the bride told her fiance what happened he supported her completely and confronted his mother. Sadly, this made her even more furious and she lashed out at the bride once again. The woman posted updates to her post so others could see the conversation between the mother-in-law and her son as well. Keep reading to learn more and to see reactions to this story.

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In the bride's post, she shared screenshots of her text messages with her mother-in-law and asked other users: "What do I even say here? Please help me … This woman is just unimaginably vile and two-faced." 

Eventually, the woman decided to confront her fiance's mother and she said, "I'm sorry- I don't mean to be rude or anything but you're planning on wearing your wedding dress to our wedding? We could help you find a similar one that fits our planned colors instead!" 

Even though the bride's response was polite and she offered to help, the mother-in-law still replied with a hateful message. She called her future daughter-in-law cruel names and insulted her family for not having a lot of money. "Good luck to your family because Lord knows they are too poor to afford it," the mother-in-law wrote.

In one of the updates to the story, the bride shared what she told her fiance. She wrote: 

"So I asked your mother to see the dress she wanted to wear and it turned out to be her own wedding dress … Not sure if you know but it is incredibly rude to wear white let alone a wedding dress to a wedding. I know you are really close with your mom but this is how she treats me and others as soon as you … aren't around. I know you've talked with her in the past about it but it never changes." 

His response was: "That is not my mother, that is a demon in her skin."

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The groom continued in another message, "That was completely unacceptable if she doesn't want to be respectful towards you and your decisions she will not be there simply put. If she doesn't want to support us then that is her issue and she will miss 'her' wedding." 

It must have been a relief to the bride that her fiance was on her side, but she still had to deal with the problem at hand. She wrote back to her mother-in-law:

"Your dress is lovely Sue, but it's just not ok to wear white to someone's wedding let alone a wedding dress. I'm sorry you feel this way but just think about how your behavior will affect Mark and OUR day."

The bride's Facebook post was added to a forum on Reddit and over 700 people left comments. The majority of readers felt that the bride should do whatever she can to get away from her mother-in-law. One person wrote, "This poor woman and her fiance need to decline her money, elope and never speak to her again. Oof."

Others felt that it was the son's responsibility to handle his mother. Another commenter added, "And Significant Other needs to put his mother in her place - let her know she is never to speak to fiancée so rudely again ever ever ever!"

A third person agreed, they wrote: "This person cannot be in their lives. This is what she will do to their kids! It will never, ever end. And if the fiancé isn't willing to cut off his toxic, vile, abusive mother, then he is not marriage material."

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What do you think of this conversation? What would you do in this situation? Let us know and feel free to send this along to your friends and family.

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