Mother-In-Law Served With Ultimate Karma After Trying To Ruin Her Son & Daughter-In-Law's Wedding

Mar 08, 2024 by apost team

Weddings should be a day of joy, but sometimes, unpleasant things can happen and make a great day turn sour. A woman who goes by the name of @stasiasvcks or Anastasia on TikTok, revealed how her mother-in-law managed to ruin her wedding. 

In a TikTok video that the user uploaded on October 2023, she detailed how her mother-in-law interrupted the woman's first dance with her husband.

"Two minutes into dancing, my husband and I are twirling around, enjoying ourselves. There's nobody else on the dance floor,” she explained. However, as they leaned in for a kiss, her mother-in-law tapped her from behind and asked for her son back for their dance. 

After shocked looks, the couple then ignored her and twirled away to continue dancing. The mother was then humiliated and had to do a “walk of shame” back to her table. Apparently, the bride’s father reminded her mother-in-law to let the couple be, but she was stubborn. 

Anastasia then revealed that her mother-in-law also “cried” when they decided to go to a hotel on the night of their wedding and not stay on her couch at home. She also added that the mother-in-law was furious for not getting a visit from them a day after the wedding after they decided to spend some time with her friends who flew in from another state. 

In another video, Anastasia showed recorded footage of her mother-in-law crashing their vows. Just as her husband was mid-sentence in delivering an emotional message, his mother interrupted and offered him a tissue. 

While everyone grinned at the rather laughable occurrence, Anastasia felt offended because this was not the first time that she tried to ruin a special moment.

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In another video that Anastasia posted on her account, she revealed another moment during her wedding that her mother-in-law ruined. Before the wedding started, Anastasia was preparing for her bridal suite when her mother-in-law stormed inside to make a shocking announcement. 

“This crackhead started telling everybody that she had been given a gift from God, her soul was renewed, and that I was carrying her baby for her. She thanked me for doing it enough times with her son to get pregnant because now she had something to live for,” she explained. 

Despite some of the bridesmaids stepping in and asking her to leave, she refused and planted herself on the couch. Thankfully, the bride's father arrived and asked her to leave, but it wasn’t the end. 

“Right as everybody was about to leave. When my coordinator had her back turned, she grabbed the microphone and decided to tell everyone that we, the three of us, were pregnant,” she shared. 

The mother-in-law even announced that she was happy that they were going to name the baby after her brother, that she would be cutting the umbilical cord, and that they would be moving from California to Chicago to live in a house across the street from hers.

Elsewhere in another video, Anastasia revealed that she and her husband had already cut ties with her, and were not on speaking terms. Anastasia also showed a message that her husband received just four days after she gave birth to her daughter, which displayed a level of intrusion that any normal-thinking mother would not go to lengths to. 

“This lady made my entire pregnancy about her. This all stems from referring to me basically as an incubator and calling my daughter 'her baby' that I was carrying. This lady thinks that she's my daughter's mom — it's crazy,” she added.

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