Mother Cuts Off Entire Hair—A MAKEOVERGUY® Makeover

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

After a certain age, some women find themselves in a stylistic rut, unsure of how they should change their hair or makeup in order to look the way they truly feel.

That's where Christopher Hopkins AKA The Makeover Guy can help. Known for transforming women and giving them a new lease on life, that's exactly what Christopher did for one 58-year-old woman who felt she'd hit a slump, and in the process shocked her daughters by cutting all her hair off.

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The woman getting the makeover from Christopher is a 58-year-old hairstylist who admits that she feels like she's in a "slump." As a hairstylist, she says she'd "like to have a cool haircut," and that she wants "something different." Thankfully she's unattached to her long hair, going so far as to say that she doesn't want to leave with the same length and that she's not attached to her hair, explaining "it doesn't make me." 

What's more, she likes short hair and has no problem with cutting it off then growing it out then cutting it off again—that's a fresh outlook to have and the right attitude for a makeover. She adds that it's her first day of being 58, although she feels 36. She explains that when she's asked how old people are, she assumes them to be older than her, but then they're not. It's clear that this woman is in need of a drastic change and very excited about the prospect of a new her, so who better to give her a glamorous makeover than The Makeover Guy.

And what a transformation! Christopher and his team cut all of her hair off into a very short crop that's close to the scalp at the back and slightly longer in the front. The look is cool and punky and instantly takes years off her age. They also gave her pretty, soft makeup and big hoop earrings, which soften the overall look.

When the woman's daughters see her for the first time, they're completely shocked at her transformation, with one daughter holding back tears as she exclaims: "You are so freaking edgy!"

The woman loves her new look and says she feels great and that she:

"would have been very upset if he would have left it the way it was or just give me a trim. I wanted something new and fun and different!"

The new lease on life she's been given is clearly apparent from how thrilled she is with her look. She says it's made her get her act together with a haircut and having her makeup done.

The most rewarding part of any makeover is not necessarily seeing the physical transformation but noticing how someone's outer appearance can help transform their opinion of themselves internally, which is why the positive impact that The Makeover Guy has on women is truly priceless.

What did you think of this sassy new makeover? Would you dare to cut all of your hair off? Tell us in the comments, then be sure to pass this on to those you know!

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