Mother Complains About Constant Headaches For Months ‘Til Doctors Discover Tapeworm Eggs

Sep 04, 2019

Just when you think you have heard it all, the shocking story of Yadira Rostro comes along to challenge that belief.

This crazy medical story has everyone shaking their heads and clutching their stomachs, imagining this bizarre story happening to themselves.

The thirty-something mom had spent nine months suffering from severe headaches that left her with vision impairment along with a host of other debilitating symptoms. Rostro had no idea what was causing her pain and was left increasingly frustrated with the inability of the doctors to diagnose the problem.

Even the doctor-ordered CT scans could not find anything wrong with her head. Rostro had been sure she was suffering from a brain tumor, but she was definitely wrong about that. When doctors finally realized the problem, the mom from Texas was shocked by the diagnosis.

Rostro was floored to learn that she had sacs of larvae taking up residence inside of her brain. The eight tapeworm eggs had been believed to be living there for two years. Fluid had slowly built up in her brain as the eggs continued to develop, leading to the extreme head pain. Apparently, tiny tapeworms grew inside the small eggs. 

This story is just too unbelievable to keep to yourself. Plus it is a good advocate for food safety. But if you want to warn your friends and family, be sure to let them know of this poor woman's story. 

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