Mother Brings Four-Month-Old On Plane But Turns Heads When She Starts Giving Out 'Baggies' To Passengers

Aug 15, 2019 by apost team

Flying internationally or across the country can be nerve-wracking enough. Cramped on a plane with a hundred strangers is never an ideal situation for a multiple-hour trip. There are also the stereotypical passengers that we can’t help but hope that we aren’t sitting next to when we board the plane: the chatty Cathy, the salesman trying to push a deal through mid-flight, and, of course, crying little ones.

While children are incredibly adorable and likely bring a big smile to your face, it’s human nature to have your patience worn a little thin on the 14th hour of your overseas flight.

Moms know that it is no simple task to take care of a small baby on a long flight. It becomes particularly hard if that flight is a lengthy international flight. It becomes nearly overwhelming if that particular overseas flight happens to be the child’s first experience with air travel. Parents know that taking care of their babies on a plane can sometimes lead to unexpected hiccups that leave them in a tough predicament.

Of course, no parent wants their kiddo to bother the passengers around them, but what can be done? If a baby wants to cry, it certainly will cry. No amount of coddling and kisses can stop a fussy baby or toddler from being uncomfortable on a lengthy plane ride.

On February 12, Dave Corona was preparing himself for a particularly long flight from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco, U.S.A. It would be a ten-hour flight, and there were many passengers. One of them was a four-month-old baby and his young mother who was taking him on his very first trip. She knew that taking a flight across the world would be a big event for her baby, whose name is Junwoo.

She knew there was a chance that little Junwoo might feel fussy and could potentially disturb the other passengers on the plane. However, she came prepared with little treats that she hoped would make the flight more enjoyable for everyone on board. Inside the bag were some authentic Korean candies and a fresh set of earplugs.

The small gesture was truly touching for the passengers, including Dave Corona who just happens to be a cameraman working for KGO-TV in San Francisco. He took photos of the goodie bags and posted them on his Facebook. Everyone on board couldn’t help but admire the young mother for her thoughtfulness. The bag of treats also came with a note that melted the hearts of every passengers and crew member on board. The note was written from the perspective of baby Junwoo.

He told passengers that he was excited to see his grandmother and his aunt in the United States, but he was nervous to take his first flight, meaning he may cry a little bit. The note from Junwoo also said that he would try to be extra quiet, but he couldn’t make any promises. He signed off in the note by telling passengers that he hopes they enjoyed their trip!

How kind and heartfelt is this little note from Junwoo? His mother is truly creative and thoughtful for thinking of the well-being of the passengers and crew onboard her flight. How do you feel that this little gesture set the tone for a special flight? We would love to hear your thoughts!