Mother Bear Struggling To Cross Road With Her Cubs Is Like Any Parent

Apr 07, 2021 by apost team

A mother bear faced a struggle all parents know too well. She tried to round up her four rowdy cubs and cross a busy street in Winchester, Connecticut in March 2021. Each time she made a little progress, one of the cubs would act up. You would think she had 20 cubs based on the amount of times she had to run back and forth across the road to grab her babies. The cubs had a blast as they played in the street and on the side of the road. One even reached new heights.

A woman pulled over to the side of the road to videotape the mother bear struggling to round up her cubs. The black bear picked up one cub by its neck and carried it safely across the road. A traffic sign read “40 Miles Per Hour,” but traffic was halted to allow the bears to cross. As the mother bear carried the first cub, another one followed her, running happily along as its paws touched the pavement. Soon enough, another joined in and followed suit and joined the bears at a nestle of trees and bushes on the other side.

This isn’t completely uncommon for the state of Connecticut. Their bear population has risen pretty consistently over the years. The state has issued resources for people on what to do if they are ever in a situation around bears. It’s safe to say that the resources probably don’t include watching a mother bear try to wrangle in her mischievous cubs.

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What To Do If You See A Bear

According to Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, there were about 7300 bear sightings in 150 out of Connecticut’s 169 towns in 2019 reported to the DEEP Wildlife Division. The highest concentration of bears belong to the northwest region of the state, and it is steadily increasing. This is because a lot of homes in the state happen to be in or near bear’s natural habitats.

The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has put out plenty of informative articles on what to do if you see a bear, including tips on how to keep bears away from your home, or at least make sure it’s not so inviting. For example, DEEP has suggested removing bird feeders and outside food sources between the months of March and November, since that’s when bears are usually active.

If you were to see a bear out and about, it’s probably best to leave it alone. According to Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, bears will usually escape if given the chance and wander into more secluded areas. This has been proven true based on the video of the mother bear trying to bring her babies to safety in a recluse of bushes off to the side of the road.

DEEP has also stated to not climb trees if you’re trying to get away from a bear. The mama bear in the video can attest to that, since she knows all too well how likely cubs are to climb on an adventure.

A Mother Bearing With Her Cubs

As the video continued, the mother struggled to keep up with her cubs. The last cub left on the original side of the road was not as well-behaved as its siblings. The little one began climbing a tree in his mother's absence! Mama bear quickly ran to its rescue to help get her baby back on the ground. On her way to fetch the cub, another one of the cubs that was already safely on the other side of the road followed her, catching up with her at the tree. The mother gets her cub out of the tree and then takes turns picking up each of the two cubs in front of her, doing her best to get both back across the road. 

Of course her mission wasn’t over yet. Mama bear got both of her cubs quickly across the street, but another one decided to come back out and play in the road. The cat-and-mouse game continued as the mother struggled to keep up with all four cubs misbehaving. After the entire two-minute ordeal, the mother manages to wrangle up all of the cubs. A police car pulled up to the scene just as the escapade ended. All the cubs were safe and sound.

The poor mother bear probably just wanted a nice day out in the sun, a rarity for March in the northeast. Her little ones had other plans in mind, though, and got their daily exercise quickly. Hopefully they settled down after their fun adventure on a tiny road in Connecticut. 

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