Mother Bear Saves Her Cubs From Drowning In Lake Tahoe

In Lake Tahoe, a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains straddling Nevada and California, a mother bear jumped in to rescue her three cubs who had swam too far into the lake. Without the swimming skills to keep themselves afloat in such deep water, the cubs would have likely drowned without their mother's help. 

We know good human mothers would move mountains for their children—at least, the ones who deserve the title. It has historically baffled us, though, when we witnessed a mom in the animal kingdom going to frightening extremes save their babies from danger.

The internet is full of videos proving that furry moms also deserve credit for the love they give their children. In this video, we see the moment a mother bear saves one of her cubs from drowning in Lake Tahoe. They all ventured too far from her, and they were too small to swim those deep waters confidently.

Mama Bear wouldn’t leave the area until all of her children were safe by her side.

When one of the cubs drifted too far for Mama Bear to help, the trustworthy firefighters were on the scene to get him back where he belonged: With his loving family. Even if it meant interacting with the humans, Mama was not going anywhere without all of her babies; she might have been scared, but her children were more important.

She shows the sort of determination that should make us reflect on what love should entail—and not only the motherly kind! What would we do if we saw our siblings or friends in a situation like this? It might be a battle between our instinct for survival and the desire to protect those close to our hearts.

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid when something alarming takes place. We can’t fix every problem, and sometimes—like this mama bear—we need to wait for someone to come and help us. What matters is that we fight to make things right again. In such a cold world, it’s important that everyone knows they’re loved and that they matter—human and animal alike.

What do you think of this mom saving her cubs? Have you ever seen a similar occurrence in nature? Let us know your thoughts and be sure to pass this on for others to enjoy!