Mother Baffled By Neighbour After He Demands She Stop Ordering Takeaway Food

Sep 13, 2021 by apost team

Sometimes life doesn’t go exactly as planned and everything can feel a bit hectic. Moving is already enough of a hassle and it’s pretty likely that something won’t go as planned. When one mother moved into her new home, she found that her oven wasn’t working and that her kitchen really needed some attention. Since it was such a struggle to cook, and it was almost impossible to cook certain foods, she opted on ordering take-out food quite a lot or going out to eat.

While this isn’t necessarily the most ideal solution, it was the only one this mother really had as she had to wait a bit for her oven to finally get fixed. However, her neighbor had a huge issue with her continuously having take-out food, as his young daughter had gotten more and more upset that she couldn’t have any. Rather than explain to his daughter that she couldn’t have the take-out food, he asked his neighbor if she would simply stop getting it so often.

It’s safe to say that the mother was completely thrown off by this and didn’t understand why her eating habits were causing such distress in his home. She either ate out at a restaurant or picked up the food and brought it home herself, meaning no delivery driver was ever involved. It seemed like there was no reason why her neighbor had to be so upset with her. She went to Mums Net on Sept. 9, 2021, to post about her situation and ask if she was being unreasonable for thinking her neighbor overstepped his boundaries.

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At the beginning of her post on Mums Net, the mother explained that she and her family had just moved into her new house, but there was no working oven. Fortunately, it was set to be fixed soon. “We are also still sorting things out and kitchen is one of the last things to do,” she explained. “Not ideal but the end is in sight.” While still getting settled, the family got to meet one of their new neighbors, and the mom thought he seemed “very nice and friendly.”

The mother explained that she’s had to get a lot of take-out since the kitchen isn’t fully functioning yet, meaning she comes home with this type of food a lot. This didn’t sit well with the neighbor, and he even told her that she can’t do it anymore. “Apparently his 8-year-old daughter sees and asks why she can’t have one,” the mother wrote in her post. The mother simply explained that she didn’t really have any other choice since she needed to wait for her oven to be fixed, but it would be by the end of the weekend. Fortunately, the neighbor seemed to accept her answer. 

The mother asked Mums Net users if she was being unreasonable for thinking “he’s very nosey” and that “he can’t dictate what we eat.” Several users chimed in to show support for the mother as they couldn’t believe the situation was even real. “I’d have laughed in his face,” one user wrote.” Another commented, “Haha! He can jog on. Tell him to tape up his windows.”

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Do you think the neighbor was right to ask this mother to stop getting so much take-out? Or do you think this mom was right to think he was being extremely nosey? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too.

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