Mother And Daughter Kicked Off Full Plane For ‘Yelling At People To Give Up Seats’

Sep 13, 2021 by apost team

Over the past few years, the term “Karen” has been used to describe women with unreasonable behavior who demand beyond the scope of what is normal. Some examples of this are complaining about having to wait in line like everyone else or asking to speak to a store’s manager over a minor inconvenience. Ultimately these people typically just can’t seem to comprehend the fact that there are consequences for their actions, even if the consequences are extremely mundane and minor. 

We’ve probably all dealt with a Karen at some point in our lives. For one female passenger on a Southwest flight, she dealt with a mother-daughter duo that has been dubbed as Karen and Karen 2.0. The two were kicked off the flight after irrationally yelling at other passengers, demanding that the passengers give up their seats so the Karen crew could have aisle seats. The flight was packed and all seating arrangements were based on a first-come, first-serve policy. The flight going from Sacramento to San Diego in California on July 15, 2021, had already been delayed for a couple of hours, and the two late women only made the situation worse.

Their yelling had completely disrupted everyone on the plane, since their escapades caused the flight to be delayed even longer. On top of that, there were many young children on the plane who were impacted by the women’s yelling. Eventually the flight attendants had to get involved and continuously told the women that their behavior was unacceptable. Read on to find out more about what happened to this disruptive pair.

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According to the Daily Mail, the women dubbed as Karen and Karen 2.0 had arrived on the plane just as the doors were closing after the Southwest flight from Sacramento to San Diego had already been delayed for two hours. Since the plane had a first-come, first-serve policy, the mother-daughter duo were unable to get the seats they desired, resulting in them essentially having a tantrum.

TikTok user @official_norcal_mom captured the entire ordeal and uploaded a video to her account on July 15, 2021. The video showed the two women yelling at other passengers to get out of their seats so they could have the aisle seats. Flight attendants got involved, with one telling the women, “We have families. We have little kids. We can’t have people yelling.” The daughter claimed she wasn’t yelling, but rather making an announcement.

The daughter also threatened the flight attendant, saying that her mother would grab, scream and cry if they weren’t given the seats they wanted. Their claims were deemed as “unsafe,” resulting in both the mother and daughter getting kicked off the plane, as per the Daily Mail. Their entire commotion had caused the flight to be delayed for another hour, and the annoyed passengers happily applauded as Karen and Karen 2.0 were escorted off the plane by a security guard.

The TikTok has since gone viral, receiving over 1.1 million views and thousands of comments. “It’s the privilege they thought they could use,” one user wrote. Another commented, “If it’s so important to have an aisle seat they should have flown an airline where you can reserve your seat.”

Another TikTok video taken on a plane went viral in August 2021 and showed a different type of uncomfortable plane experience. 

Recorded by TikTok user Justin Chanthalangsy, the original video of a female passenger doing yoga while on a JetBlue flight has already been seen more than 7.3 million times. Chanthalangsy said that the event took place somewhere above Kansas while the plane was in mid-flight. Completely stunned by what he had experienced, he tagged JetBlue, and said, “Y’all owe me a free upgrade or something.” 

Despite being on a fully packed plane, the woman in the video started doing some yoga poses in her seat. Rather than just stretch out a bit or even get up and walk around to keep her blood circulating, the female passenger decided to bust out some complicated yoga poses. She bent herself into various unusual positions much to the other passengers’ dislike.

“I can’t make this up y’all,” Chanthalangsy said. He panned his camera over to the woman, completely barefoot, doing yoga in her seat. Clearly having an audience wasn’t an issue for this woman because she carried on as if the plane was empty even though every single seat was filled. At one point the woman even contorted herself to be fully upside down in her chair with her head under the seat in front of her. She first had her legs bent at the knee before extending them straight into the air with her bare toes nearly grazing the overhead compartments.

It was clear that the TikTok user was completely blown away by the woman’s moves, but not in a good way. He said, “Oh no, baby what is you doing? Get me OFF this flight.” On a lighter note, though, he commended her for how good her form was. 

What do you think about the airline’s decision to kick these two women off their flight? Do you think their behavior was unreasonable? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too.

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