Mother And Daughter Go Big On Internet With 'Footloose' Performance

Jul 28, 2020

It certainly seems like the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people to wallow in their boredom. After all, there's only so much television someone can watch before they long for something else to do, right?

While some lamented the long days of quarantine life, other people seized the opportunity to let their creative flags fly. This was the case for a mother-daughter dancing duo from South Carolina, Erika and Izzy Pike, who took the internet by storm with their fun dance to the classic song Footloose earlier this year.

A Fun Take on an Iconic Song

The song Footloose, written by Kenny Loggins, was the anthem for the film of the same name. In the movie, the character of Ren, played by Kevin Bacon, moves with his mother to a small town that has outlawed dancing because of a tragic accident.

In the end, the young man convinces the town about dancing's power to heal and to act as a catharsis. In this way, it was the perfect song for Erica Pike, and her young daughter, Izzy, to make this video with and dance their way through quarantine.

A Dynamic Dancing Duo

Instead of letting quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic drag her down, Erica Pike, a professional dancer and homemaker from Myrtle Beach, SC, enlisted the help of her daughter, Izzy, to create a fun and creative dance video to Footloose. It is clear from watching the video that both mother and daughter share the love of dance and have fun with all the complex moves and costume changes in the routine.

Erica, whose past dance credits include work with the Carolina Opry Theater and cruise ships, has found a way to pass on her dancing skills to Izzy. Izzy has clearly been bitten by the performance bug. The younger Pike has a YouTube channel that shows her dancing and lip-synching to a variety of numbers. There is even another video of her dancing with her mom to a medley of Broadway songs.

This Mom and Daughter Have All the Fun

Erica and Izzy put a lot of thought and creativity into their routine. Aided by the uplifting and fast-paced music of the song, the mother-daughter duo put together a range of moves that catch the energy and enthusiasm of the song. They even incorporate various locations in their house for the video, from the driveway to the porch swing. Another highlight that shows the twosome's commitment to fun is the various wardrobe changes throughout the video.

With some clever editing, it appears that the costumes change in a matter of moments. At one point in the video, they are joined by Nick, Erica's husband, and Izzy's dad. While they dance around him, he juggles while riding a unicycle.

It is clear by watching this video that, despite the tough times we are going through as a nation, we can still have fun and look for ways to express ourselves. Erica and Izzy are not letting COVID-19 get them down and are having fun dancing instead of dwelling on negativity.

Are you a fan of the Footloose song and film? Did you get a kick out of watching Erica and Izzy dance? Show this video to all the fans of this tune, and to those who might need a smile during this rough time. Let us know if this video got you breaking into your best Kevin Bacon impersonation in your house.