Most Men Can't Handle The Female Empath - Here's Why

When you're a female empath, it can be very difficult to find love. You might have your heart broken over and over as you try to find someone who can handle you. These are 12 reasons a man might have trouble dealing with a female empath.

Relationships with empaths can be difficult. However, they're definitely doable. An empath wishes to love with everything they have and be loved in return. They seek out powerful relationships and human connection.

These are some things that can cause problems in a relationship with an empath. Small issues might not seem like a huge deal, but they become ten times bigger when you're dating an empath.

1. Female empaths are persistent.

Your average female empath isn't going to back away. They aren't going to let things go easily, especially if they need or want something. They want their lives to be in order. Men with control issues struggle with this.

2. Some female empaths have a hard time with intimacy.

It's common for a female empath to have experienced a slew of difficult relationships. She might be very guarded when it comes to both physical and emotional intimacy. You have to show her that you're worthy of her trust. Don't push her into doing anything she doesn't want to do. Love her and let her slowly lower her walls of her own accord.

3. Female empaths value consistency.

Inconsistency has no place in a relationship, as far as a female empath is concerned. They want to be able to rely on you and trust that you'll come through with what you say. If you don't try, they won't let you get away with it.

4. Female empaths have a questioning spirit.

The average female empath won't accept anything at face value. Everything in her life has hidden meanings. She will question everything around her. Some people find this questioning nature too much to handle. If you never question the path that's laid out for you, there will be problems in the relationship.

5. Female empaths are independent.

The majority of female empaths won't want their partner taking over for them. They like to handle their own affairs. Partners can sometimes feel insecure when a female empath is doing everything on her own.

6. Female empaths demand effort.

A female empath isn't necessarily more work than another woman, but she won't put up with a lack of effort. You need to pull your weight in the relationship. If you don't, she'll find a new man.

7. Female empaths can be brutally honest.

There's no such thing as polite sugarcoating with a female empath. They will foster a system of open communication and forthright honesty. Sometimes, partners don't like this. They have trouble facing reality.

8. Female empaths look deeper than words.

You might be a smooth talker, but a female empath will be looking for the actions that back you up. If you don't have actions that back you up, they're not going to be impressed.

9. Relationships with female empaths are intense.

This isn't a simple type of relationship. An empath comes with an intense kind of energy that can be draining for some people. Empaths are sometimes too charged for certain people to cohabitate with or spend a lot of time with. It's no one's fault -- it's just how people are wired.

10. Female empaths have a strong sense of what they want.

A female empath knows the things she wants, and she also knows the things she doesn't want. You won't be able to pressure her into doing things she doesn't want to do. She'll also be very focused on meeting her goals.

11. Female empaths don't need saving.

Some people enter relationships thinking they can "save" or "fix" the other person. This is a recipe for disaster with any relationship, but especially with an empath. She doesn't need fixing.

12. Female empaths see all the good and bad.

She'll be able to pick out your best qualities, but also your worst ones. Some people don't like that.

What do you think? If you're an empath, do people struggle to handle you? Let us know your experiences in the comments and show this article to your empath friends and family members, or someone you know who's dating an empath!