Most Frightening Bridge In The US Is Giving Motorists Panic Attacks

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland is quite the architectural wonder. Stretching 4.3 miles over the Chesapeake Bay, this bridge is known to give motorists a good scare every now and then. At its highest point, the bridge reaches 200-feet tall. It is no wonder that many drivers are hesitant to cross it!

According to the New York Times, in addition to the towering height and proximity to the open water, the bridge also has extremely low barricades that only add to its fear-inducing properties. Ten people have lost their lives crossing over since the bridge opened in 1964.

Many travelers say that this bridge is responsible for causing panic attacks, according to the Times. One entrepreneur has even made a business out of helping people across this giant.

Kent Island Express is a business run by Alex Robinson that provides a shuttle service to drivers who are too anxious to make the trip across the bridge. Robinson took over the business from his parents in 2011 after they ran it for five years. The peculiar job has made him something of an amateur psychologist. 

Robinson is careful to hire exclusively up-beat drivers so as to help anxious clients forget about their woes. “[The drivers'] stress and anxieties feed off of your mood,” he tells employees, according to the Times.

The owner of Bay Bridge Drive-Overs said that he makes roughly 25 trips per day over the bridge, assisting drivers who do not want to make the white-knuckle drive themselves.

Check out this video so you can see for yourself why many motorists call this bridge the scariest one in the country.

Are you brave enough to make the trek across this monster? You may change your mind after you watch this video. Be sure to spread the story to everyone else that you know to see what they think about crossing this crazy bridge.