Monkey Takes In Kitten And Cares For It Like Its Own Baby

While visiting the Monkey Forest Park in Ubud, Bali some years ago, Anne Young saw a strange sight: a monkey carrying a ginger kitten that it had apparently adopted.

The monkey seemed to genuinely care for the young feline. It groomed the cat and protected it from other monkeys. Fortunately, the other monkeys seemed to accept the cat. The monkey kept the cat pressed close to its chest as if it were a baby monkey.

How the kitten wound up with the monkey isn’t clear. It could have been abandoned by its mother, or it may have been a stray that wandered into the park. Either way, it has certainly found a home with this doting monkey.  

As reported here by The Guardian, the monkey played with his kitten friend and didn't like it when the photographer took pictures, shielding the little cat from the lense. 

Have you heard of other cases of one animal adopting another? Have your family and friends? This is one for animal lovers everywhere.