Monkey Brothers Get Separated In Captivity - Only To Get A Heartwarming Reunion

Sep 26, 2018 by apost team

When two male monkeys were rescued from captivity, the two non-government organizations responsible for their rescue took them to different places.

Fortunately for the brothers, the rescuers did not take long to realize the two should be together.

The video that resulted from their reunion is one that can be watched again and again.

The brothers were both taken for rehabilitation after spending the majority of their lives in a captive environment. The two brothers have suffered a lot in their lifetime but until their rescue could always count on the presence of the other. 

It is not exactly clear why it was necessary to separate the brothers but the healing they have done since their rescues are clearly evident.

You will see that both brothers are noticeably excited in the moment leading up to the reunion as you watch the video. Once finally together, the monkeys held tightly on to each other with no regard for the fact that their emotional reunion was being recorded.

The young chimps were found without their mother who is still unaccounted for. It is likely that poachers are responsible for separating the brothers from their mother. Young chimps their age can be sold for a lot of money on the black market.

Officials believe this was the purpose of their captivity. It is unknown where the two brothers will now live but both are healthy and happy to be reunited. 

Thousands of chimps fall victim to poachers each year. The brothers in the following video are two of the lucky ones.

After watching the video it will be evident to you that chimpanzees deserve to live in their natural habitat along with family. They are not meant for captivity.

You will love this video but do not be selfish with it. Allow others you know to experience the joy of two brothers united after such difficult experiences. Share the love!