Monarch Butterly Swarm Footage From Unique Point Of View Of Flying Hummingbird Drone

As featured on the PBS show "Spy in the Wild 2," a drone in the shape and size of hummingbird flew through the mountains of Mexico to capture this incredible footage. A monarch butterfly swarm was filmed without disturbance due to the clever incognito ability of this fake humming bird. 

In the PBS show "Spy in the Wild 2" many spy drones are used to capture footage that would not be able to be taken by humans. Aside from the spy hummingbird drone used to capture the monarch butterflies, the show used a drone squirrel and a beaver to see animals close-up in ways never seen before.

These monarch butterflies were swarming in a Mexican mountain after having migrated hundreds of miles from Canada. The narrator in the video explains how these butterflies migrate to the same place every single year.

A butterfly would never let a human get this close to them, so the drone is an ingenious and helpful idea. We see how the butterflies huddle together when it is cold, and as the temperature warms up later on, one by one they take off in dazzling flight.

We are fascinated by this sort of behavior in creatures of the wild. Once upon a time, butterflies were a great mystery to us, as well as almost everything in our forests and jungles. Now we are able to learn more about them through observation and research.

PBS is known for its wholesome children's’ programming and its features on nature. We have all learned something amazing about the great outdoors from their efforts, and we hope that they will continue to produce them in the future.

The hummingbird drone was a great way to bring us closer to a butterfly than we have ever been because it was able to enter their territory without frightening them away. It rewarded us with a real treat!

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