Moms And High School Senior Sons Take Floor For Epic Dance Off

Mar 30, 2021 by apost team

The senior class had a surprise in store for their high school’s homecoming pep rally. The senior boys on the school’s football team prepared a performance with some special guests for the Conway High School students on October 25, 2019.

Homecoming ceremonies are known for being full of fun and memories. They help welcome new and returning students as well as celebrate the future graduating class. The Conway High School homecoming was nothing short of a good time.

The idea came from the class of 2017 when the tradition was first introduced. Since then, the football seniors have had an epic dance battle with their mothers to celebrate the start of the athletic school year.

One of the mothers, Tiffeny Crow, was credited for coming up with the insane choreography. She took the leadership role in planning out the dance and helping the students and other moms practice. The group practiced every Saturday and Sunday for six weeks leading up to the pep rally. Crow led her son and his friends on their journey to becoming superstar dancers, even if it was only for one night.

The mother and son pairs showed off school spirit before the performance even began. The boys wore their football jerseys, while the mothers wore black and blue clothing, the official school colors.

The video started off like any other homecoming video would. There was a gym auditorium full of students and parents, ready to watch the night’s pep rally and football game. The room was brightly lit and packed. Everyone exuded excitement, cheering and clapping along to the music that was already playing.

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Mother Knows Best

School colors could be seen across the gymnasium and basketball court. “We Will Rock You” by Queen played loudly, getting the crowd pumped up. Known for being a crowd-pleaser at sports games and other events, the song got everyone moving due to its simple yet catchy rhythm. Everyone clapped along to the beat.

The mothers walked to the middle of the basketball court, taking center stage for all to watch. The sons made their way to the court as well but stood off to either side of their mothers. Within moments, the music switched up, and it was time to dance.

“Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama blasted through the speakers allowing the moms’ dance moves to be prominently on display. “Lip Gloss” was Lil Mama’s debut song as an artist, so it was more than fitting to pick it as the debut song for the dance battle. 

Some of the first lyrics heard in the song are: “all the boys keep stopping.” The mothers took this lyric to heart by starting off their performance so shockingly well that everyone was forced to stop and watch.

Another way the women found inspiration from the song was the location. The music video for “Lip Gloss” was set at a high school. The mothers created their own version of the music video by showing off their incredible dance routine at Conway High School.

The performance was off to a strong start. The women stomped and clapped while looking towards their sons as if challenging them to a dance-off.

The Conway Senior Boys Get Up And Dance

The song switched up again as the boys made their way to the middle of the basketball court. They spun their moms in a quick twirl before they took over the star entertainers. Their coordination was not perfect, but they all looked like they were having the best time as they performed to “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown

The song is famous for being a viral country rap song. Brown took inspiration from “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus, a song that has surpassed generations by having multiple versions. The newest remix matched the current trend of infusing genres. Another song that has pulled this difficult endeavor off is “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. “Old Town Road” was the catalyst for the country rap genre, with enough remixes to fill the full dance set put on by the Conway sons and their mothers. One remix even features Billy Ray Cyrus.

The sons’ dance to “The Git Up” was fun and silly with some dramatically high kicks. The western-infused tune amped up both the crowd and the performers. Just as the Conway football seniors found their rhythm, the song changed again. A siren blared through the auditorium.

As the alarm rang, the sons stood in the center of the court. Their mothers slowly joined them, but it didn’t seem like things were about to slow down. The mothers had the hoods of their blue sweatshirts up over their heads and looked like they were ready to get down with whatever was coming next. 

School Spirit Showdown

A new song began playing as the group connected. They did an insane move together. As they moved with a lot of energy to the beat of music, they received another round of applause from everyone at the homecoming pep rally.

The routine was somewhat all over the place as the coordination was not perfect, but it definitely got the crowd pumped up. The song once again changed, and so did the dance.

“Level Up” by Ciara began bumping through the speakers. As the song about growth and empowerment played through the speakers, the mothers and sons kept dancing, encouraging the audience to get off their feet and party. Everyone cheered for the mom and son pairs.

After the routine was finished, the boys met in the middle of the court to chant victoriously together. They yelled out their optimistic mantra:

“I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win!”

The mothers cheered and clapped alongside their children. The very end of the performance was met with yet another round of applause. The dance battle concluded. Both the mothers and their sons showed off their impressive moves and even more impressive school spirit.

These moms and sons really knew how to get the party started. Their dedication to making the school’s homecoming pep rally the most fun night they could imagine did not disappoint. The choreography didn’t matter as much as the fun the mom and sons had together, and it was certainly fun and eye-catching. Most importantly, they brought school spirit to an auditorium full of high school students ready for the big game.

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