Mom Worried About Posting Video Of Her 3-Year-Old 'Channeling' Leslie Jordan, But The Internet Loves It

Jan 20, 2023 by apost team

Fun videos at home are one of those things that can arguably be hard to share with others. While some people try to keep some of these videos for themselves as mementos, some people find that there are also those that are worthy of sharing with others because of the dawn of social media. Well, no one can blame them, especially if it makes them proud. 

Sometimes, though, it can be hard to share these moments because of the possible repercussions of posting those videos – and it’s totally understandable given the different kinds of bashing one might get on social media because you feel unsure about how people would react to them, especially if it involves one’s kids who could potentially get bullied from that video. One mom also had the same dilemma. But in the end, she decided to share the video – and it was definitely worth it!

A 3-year-old girl from Kentucky named Adaline Catron caught the attention of many in January 2023 for her hilarious reactions, which many find similar to the comedic timing of legendary comedian Leslie Jordan.

Jordan is best remembered for his outstanding roles in series such as “Hearts Afire,” which aired from 1993 to 1995, and “Will & Grace,” which he was on for both the original show and its reboot. The reboot lasted from 2017 until 2020.

But Jordan continued to show off his talents throughout his entire career. He portrayed an eclectic mix of characters on the TV franchise “American Horror Story” from 2011 on. He was also in other series such as “The Cool Kids” and “Call Me Kat.”

It wasn’t just fans who adored Jordan, though, as critics also appreciated his brilliant acting. 

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Jordan used his platform for the betterment of others. He was involved in AIDS Project Los Angeles early in the AIDS epidemic. Jordan was openly gay and a true inspiration for the LGBTQ+ community and so many others.

Sadly, Jordan died in a car crash at the age of 67.

Meanwhile, Adaline, in the video, which has since captured the hearts of millions, can be seen giving her mom a bright pink manicure. As of writing, the video has already garnered more than 15 million videos on TikTok.

One would think that Adaline really knows what she’s doing because she’s standing on a towel to avoid drips from directly hitting the floor.

“Oops, you got it on my finger,” Adaline’s mom, Kayla, said in the video.

It was Adaline’s response that got everyone laughing and made everyone start commenting that they saw the late Leslie Jordan in her. “I’m trying my best, honeeeeey!” Adaline stated, responding to her mom in a Southern accent.

Kayla was worried about posting the video in fear people would bully her child, but her husband said, “They’re going to love her."

“Why do I hear a lil Leslie Jordan comin' out????” one person commented. “Pretty sure we all just witnessed the spirit of Leslie Jordan enter your daughter’s body,” another person said.

“She’s channeling Leslie Jordan!” one person remarked. "Sounds like the amazing @Leslie Jordan,” another person wrote, tagging Jordan’s TikTok account.  

With Adaline having made a lot of people smile with her charming personality, her mom hopes she can make more people smile.

“People are drawn to Addy,” Kayla told TODAY. “She’s sassy and opinionated — she’s like an old soul. She’ll just tell you how it is.”

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