Mom With Long White Hair Looks Like Her Daughter After Receiving Beautiful Makeover

Jan 27, 2023 by apost team

The big snip: most of us have thought about it, but it seems too scary to go through with it. After all, spending so much time growing out our hair brings with it its own sentimentality. For many of us, spending years getting our hair length to grow becomes a task that can sometimes be arduous because of slow hair growth, which makes the big snip even more unwanted. 

For every person, however, there comes a time when a big change is needed. After years of following the same thing, a change might just be the right course of action. Sometimes, a big life change needs to be mirrored with a similar change in look. For someone who is looking for a way to express themselves in the best way possible while also getting a spectacular makeover,  The Makeover Guy, a.k.a Christopher Hopkins, has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

Back in 2020, Kristil had had enough of her long white hair and wanted to donate it to charity. Who better to see than Hopkins, The Makeover Guy from Minneapolis? Women from all over the country have approached Hopkins to help them figure out what kind of hair looks the best on them, and time and again, Hopkins has delivered. It was no different for Kristil, who was looking for a newer, fresher look to replace the one she had had for years, so she made her way to Minneapolis to get the best haircut she could. The results had both Kristil and over 6.2 million viewers on social media stunned. 

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Hairdressers see a lot of different people come into their salons – some of them come with a particular style that they want to try to emulate, while others have no idea what they want. Kristil is one woman who went into the salon with the simple statement, "Do whatever you want."

"Do whatever you want" is considered a favorite announcement for hairstylist The Makeover GuyHopkins.

For Kristil, the decision was simple since she knew that she wanted to donate her long hair to a charity but, at the same time, had no idea what style she wanted next. Her best option seemed to simply let the stylist choose for her. How glad we are that she did just that! 

When Kristil first went into the salon, she was sporting long hair that fell down past her shoulders. While this is a very classic look, it can become a bit monotonous after sporting the same look for years. When Kristil introduced herself, she said that she would like to look and be more "fun, and happy and glowing. It's time," she added. Most of us have felt a similar way when we become tired of the same old style and finally want something different. Coming to this conclusion might take some time, but when it's time, it's time.

In the video clip, The Makeover Guy simply tied her hair back into a ponytail and then cut it close to her scalp, releasing it so that it is a short style. The ponytail was going to be donated, while the stylist got to take over Kristil's remaining hair!

As soon as the bulk of her hair was gone, Hopkins asked her, "Doesn't that feel good?" All the while, Kristil was thoroughly enjoying the process of a whole new look, the surprise of the short hair and the excitement both intermingling. "It already does feel good," she responded with a large smile. The viewers also got a glimpse into what led Kristil to also make this big decision: a mother-daughter makeover prompted by her daughter, who said to Kristil, "Let's go mom!" 

While we did not get a look at what kind of makeover her daughter got, it's heartwarming to see that Kristil has a close relationship with her daughter. Moreover, she trusted her daughter enough to know that she was going to the right place! In line with the phrase "do whatever you want," Kristil also told Hopkins, "I'm game for anything," which gave the highly sought-after stylist a free hand in how he wanted to change the woman's look. 

One of the most incredible things about Hopkins is that he can see exactly what the woman would want, even if she cannot envision it herself. Time and again, he has given a "freehand" makeover that has given hundreds of women a new confidence within themselves. Kristil is no different. When she saw her makeover, she said that she was "amazed," adding, "I just love it! I am wild, I feel sexy, I'm going to have fun for the rest of the day!" as she beamed with happiness. It was clear to every viewer that her new look is absolutely incredible, so it's no wonder that the video has raked in over 6.2 million views and counting! 

Kristil had an amazing transformation that makes us all wish we had the courage to simply tell our stylist to do "whatever they want" with our hair. The comments also praised Hopkins for his amazing work. "This is one of the prettiest makeovers I've seen! This lady looks about 15 years younger and her happy attitude is so refreshing! You go, girl!" wrote one viewer. Another user said, "She went from the MOM to looking like her own daughter!! What a super transformation." Hopkins is truly a superstar when it comes to giving makeovers! 

On his LinkedIn profile, Hopkins describes himself as an "entrepreneur, entertainer, cyber-star, author, and appearance aficionado." According to his Wikipedia page, Hopkins' salon was originally located in the Hubbard Broadcasting building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Four years later, in 1994, he relocated it to his hometown in Minneapolis and renamed his salon from Christopher Hopkins Salon to Christopher Hopkins Image Center, CHIC, for short.

Hopkins has helped boost the confidence of countless clients over the years with his expertise – and his client sample is no stranger to notables. He has appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and has even worked with celebrities such as Hillary Clinton.

With this amazing array of stars he has worked with, it is no wonder that he is so celebrated by his clients! He certainly gave Kristil and her daughter a day they will remember for a long time to come. Watch the video for yourself so that you can appreciate the power of Hopkins' makeovers.

What do you think of Kristil's new look? Do you know someone who might be able to benefit from a hair makeover? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family and friends to see if it inspires them to get their own makeover!

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