Mom Whose Face Is Covered With Tattoo Surprises People Online With Her ‘Beautiful’ Face Before Getting Inked

Nov 06, 2023 by apost team

Tattoos can be a wonderful medium for expressing individuality, with unique designs reflecting a person's appreciation for art. It is also a great conversation starter as people would ask their inspiration for a certain tattoo.

Even though getting a tattoo in the modern world is being accepted into society, with more and more professionals flaunting their inked bodies in different fields, there are still people who might have gone overboard with their decision to cover their skin with tattoos to the point where no businesses would consider hiring them anymore.

This was the case of a mom named Melissa Sloan, who had over 800 tattoos on her body and was desperate to get a job as no establishments would hire her for the job that she wanted.

In a 2022 interview with the Daily Star, the mother of two revealed that she first got inked when she was 20 years old. Since then, she never stopped adding tattoos.

"Her tattoos, which include designs such as spiderwebs, crosses, and cursive text, were mostly done by her partner at home in a style they referred to as "prison style."

At the time of the interview, Sloan said she gets over three tattoos every week, and she admitted that she got “addicted” and could not stop. Unfortunately, her weekly habit turned for the worst as she couldn’t get a job anymore because she had been turned down repeatedly. 

Despite her face being covered in tattoos, Sloan surprised everyone with a rare throwback photo posted on March 23, 2023, showing her pre-tattoo appearance. Read on to learn more about Sloan and her journey. 

In her interview with the Daily Star, Sloan mentioned her previous work experience, which included cleaning toilets. However, it didn’t last long.

It appears that she would take any job as long as an establishment is willing to work with her, as she told the outlet, “if someone offered me a job tomorrow I would go and work – I would take that offer.”

The woman added that she expected this kind of treatment from other people as she couldn’t fit in with society. However, despite not getting proper work, Sloan remained grounded and would not compromise her tattoos.

“They don’t have to listen to me. But I’m not going anywhere,” she added.

Aside from her dilemma with her career life, Sloan’s personal life had also been affected, which included her presence at her kids’ school.

In a separate interview, Sloan claimed she was banned from her children's school because of her appearance, which prevented her from attending her children's nativity play during the Christmas season. 

Unfortunately, she was not allowed to see her own kids perform due to her appearance, and the teachers made her “go to the back garden” and watch the show through a window.

“I feel so jealous as I can’t go there and to the Christmas fayre as I know what they’re (teachers and parents) like towards me,” she added.

Unfortunately for Sloan, not all people agree with her look, and some of them even judge her right in front of her children. 

In a 2022 article published by the outlet, the mom of two said she went shopping one time to get some clothes for her kids to wear at school.

The experience was horrendous for her as people stared at her as if she was a “freak.”

Although she gets tattoos mostly from her husband, she sometimes visits tattoo shops to get her ink done.

However, some establishments allegedly gave up on her as she told the outlet, “When I had this done [my face], there’s one about five miles up the road and they won’t do it… They won’t do it because I’m beyond help – because I’ve gone too far.”

There was even a point when the parlors literally “shut the door” on her and wouldn’t let her inside. Before her face was covered in tattoos, many people described Sloan as "beautiful."

In March 2023, she posted a throwback photo of herself from before she got her first tattoo

Social media users shared their thoughts on Sloan's transformation, with many expressing the belief that her extensive tattoos have marred her appearance.

“This is the first time in my life ive ever thought tattoos ruined someones looks. She went way too far with it i cant help but think it might be because of some self image issues or body dysmorphia or some kind of disorder,” someone shared.

“You are beautiful! Tat’s are ok but there is a thing maybe to many!!!! U don’t have to worry about your children being bullied u get enough!” another commented. 

“You were beautiful. Why did you do that? Now you can't support your family. Bad choices make bad results,” someone said. 

“wow you look amazing and i am so sorry that people couldn't understand the reasons y you was covered in ink because its a damn shame to be put in a certain kind of group to me thats the true color of Prejudices,” a fourth person chimed in. 

What are your thoughts on Melissa Sloan's pre-tattoo appearance? Do you agree with those who say she was beautiful before her tattoos? Share your thoughts and pass this on to your friends and family to hear their opinions.

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