Mom Who’s 7 Months Pregnant With Triplets Decides To Try To Induce Labor By Dancing And Suddenly Her Husband Joins

Who doesn’t love a YouTube star? We couldn’t believe what we were seeing when we turned to a popular YouTube sensation in 2013. The star, who goes by the personality name of Starrkeisha, created a dance challenge.

The Baby Mama Dance soon took off. Ever since then people of all ages have been performing and filming their own personal versions of the dance online. What is the reason? Many women who are nearing the end of their pregnancy have said that the dance helps to induce labor. We all know that pregnant women should wait as long as possible to have their baby- the longer the time, the healthier the baby!

However, once that 40-week mark hits, many soon-to-be-mothers are ready for their child to be out. They will often do anything that they can to make that happen. If that means joining in on a silly and happy dance, so be it!

Cara Chatwin was one of those women. However, she decided to do her own version of the dance. Since she was pregnant with triplets at the time, she called it the “Triplet Version.” While she was just 32-weeks along when the video was made, you will soon see that she was about to burst at the seam with babies. She was so big that some commenters even said that her belly looked fake.

Cara said that she was actually pretty disappointed that she received some criticism for showing off her stomach. She stated that her intention was to show off her baby bump and to celebrate an ever-changing body with her fans.

However, fans did love her dance. Cara busted some really adorable moves, but it was Darik, her husband, who stole the show when he joined in. Even Gemma, their sweet daughter, jumped in to have some fun. We aren’t shocked to hear that Cara actually went into labor just a short time after the dance went viral. After almost three weeks in the local NICU, babies Royal, Reese, and Wren all went home. We are so happy everyone is healthy!

You can check out the adorable video below:

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