Mom Who Works 2 Jobs Acts Strange: She Calls In Sick And Boss's Hunch Makes Him Drive Around To Her House

Jan 30, 2020 by apost team

Cassie Camilo moved from Brazil to the US to forge a better life for her family, including her two children, then aged nine and 10.

She worked two jobs, one in a market, one with Peter D'Rosa in his restaurant. As she was one of his best workers, he thought it was odd when she didn't come in one day.

D'Rosa decided to go to Cassie's home, to check she was OK, and it is a good thing he did. 

Cassie Camilo was born in Brazil. Unable to source a lasting position at a reliable employer that paid a respectable wage, Cassie emigrated to the United States. Sadly she temporarily left behind her two children, then aged nine and 10, in the hope that she would soon send for them and be able to offer them a better life.

Peter DeRosa, a U.S. citizen, crossed paths with Cassie soon after she landed in the States. DeRosa, an entrepreneur, hired her to work at his restaurant. 


After Cassie didn't show up to work one day, Peter's intuition told him something was wrong. Sure enough, he visited her home and found a deathly-sick Cassie Camilo. If Peter hadn't have taken her to the doctor, she might have died, says the physician who saw Cassie after Peter found her.

Thankfully D'Rosa acted on his hunch. Camilo, now reunited with her family, calls her D'Rosa her "angel".

Have you ever had a bad feeling about something that made you follow your intuition? If so, let us know your story in the comments. Don't forget to let others know about Cassie's story - there are kindhearted employers out there!