Mom Who Faced Infertility Issues Opens Up About Her Challenging Journey To Motherhood

Sep 15, 2023 by apost team

The journey to and through motherhood is filled with challenges many women can relate to. One such challenge is infertility issues and the rigorous process of overcoming it. Desiree Fortin, from California, started living her dreams of becoming a mother in August 2015, following years of infertility struggles. 

The media sensation welcomed a set of triplets after she and her husband, Ryan Fortin, made news headlines in the same year for their heartwarming gender reveal. 

By December 2015, Desiree delved through the hurdles she had to overcome to achieve her dream of motherhood in a tell-all with Today. Leading to the birth of her babies, the mom of three often documented her experiences on her blog, Our Journey To Parenthood, and social media. The mom revealed how she felt when they finally conceived, and they later discovered that they were blessed with triplets. Desiree also revealed how the motherhood journey has been for her.

Leading up to welcoming her bundles of joy, Desiree recorded each milestone right from conception and through her pregnancy. It appeared that the doting mom shared candid images with fans after her babies arrived. On Instagram, Desiree shared many posts with lengthy captions addressing her journey. 

In a July 12, 2017, post, she posted a black-and-white image of her husband appearing to inject her with some medication. In her caption, Desiree addressed her IVF journey. The excerpt from her blog was a tribute to her remaining 12 embryos after the fertility procedure. 

Desiree also posted another content chronicling "Fun Facts about my pregnancy/Delivery." The mother revealed that she was on bed rest for two months, and the triplets were in the NICU for two weeks. She also had a C-section and wasn't able to see the triplets immediately after birth. 

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The mom of three also documented on Instagram the first time her partner, Ryan, held their triplets at all at once, alongside a picture that was heartwarming as a Father's Day tribute to him. In another post, Desiree thanked everyone who has supported her journey. The post was accompanied by a beautiful picture of the family of five. 

Speaking with Today, Desiree revealed details about her pregnancy and motherhood. The proud mom of three revealed that she had given birth via c-section. She explained :

"I delivered at 34 weeks and one day, which was amazing because there were doctors who told me I'd never make it that far."

Desiree described her pregnancy as a "miracle pregnancy" as she and her partner became proud parents of identical twin boys - Sawyer Reed and Jax Ryan, and one little girl - Charlize Hope. The mother further reminisced on their previous infertility issue. She revealed:

"There were countless days where I laid sobbing on my bathroom floor because of a negative pregnancy test or a failed fertility treatment. But it was worth every salty tear to finally become a parent."

Desiree also divulged how things were complicated after the triplets were delivered. Her partner went with the triplets to the neonatal intensive care unit while she was sent to recovery, where she also experienced complications that needed emergency surgery. 

The mom veered off into discussing afterbirth life. She noted that motherhood had not been easy. Desiree shared that "being a mom is a hard job — being a mom to triplets is a hard job. However, it is not one I take for granted. I would choose this life every day over and over again."

Isn't it amazing to see Desiree living her dream as a mother after her struggles? What are your thoughts on the journey through motherhood? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others.

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