Mom Wants Makeover For High School Reunion Reveals New Look That Forces Son To Start Crying

Jan 13, 2019 by apost team

Everyone deserves to feel special and taken care of, especially mothers. With all the time they spend caring for other people, mothers often never get the same kind of attention that they give others.

This is why a woman might wake up one day, wanting to completely change their look and style. They realize that it's now time for someone to take care of them. One woman named Michelle Moyers came to that realization after she lost 40 pounds and was starting to get ready for her upcoming high school reunion.

While Michelle was comfortable in her own skin, she recognized it was time for her to get a makeover!

Luckily, Michelle and her son won tickets to the Today Show. They stood outside until Michelle was chosen as the recipient of the makeover. Filled with joy, Michelle expressed that she was ready for a whole new look.

So the Ambush team went to work. For Michelle's waist-length hair, the team made a few cuts, took the color up a notch, and added in golden highlights. Then, the stylists updated Michelle's wardrobe to flatter her slimmer figure.

The team gave Michelle a new outfit that would go be a perfect choice or any daytime or nighttime look.

Seeing Michelle debut her new look will have you doing a double take! While we all love a good makeover, it was Michelle's son's reaction that really took the cake.

As Daniel was blindfolded when his mom stepped out, he was treated to a real "surprise!" moment when he lifted the blinders off. Suddenly, his eyes welled with tears.

"You look so beautiful!" Were all the words Daniel could muster.

The rest of the cast for the Today Show could feel how special the moment was for Michelle and her son. They quickly called for a box of tissues as eyes began to water. We imagine that Daniel's overwhelming joy quickly spread throughout the rest of the audience as well, as this truly was a touching moment.

Looking at the before and after transformation blows us away. While Michelle was beautiful before and after the makeover, there's no denying how much confidence she exudes after the Ambush team did their magic.

Watch the transformation video for yourself to see the big reveal!

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