Mom Unpacks Belongings In Her New Home Until Her Dog Begins Barking At Something Behind The Wall

Oct 09, 2023 by apost team

When people are scouting for their soon-to-be homes, they should check every single corner as there could be unwanted guests lingering around the property.

This is exactly what happened to a woman who found a shocking surprise a month after closing the deal on her new home as there were snakes behind the walls.

According to a report by KOAA News5 published in May 2023, a woman named Amber Hall was happy to see a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home as she knew it was the perfect choice. She already had plans and envisioned a brand new chapter of her life with her two children as well as their pets.

One day after moving in, Hall was trying to unpack, but one of her dogs started walking over to a door near the back wall of her garage. She later investigated what was there, as she initially thought it was only a spider.

Upon further inspection, she saw two holes, where there were “shockingly large” snakes coiled up right next to the door.

“There were two little holes right here and I saw snakes slither up the wall. So, I panicked,” she said. 

The woman felt a warm sensation on the wall above the slithering creatures which led her to believe there were even more. Her instincts were right because 10 days after Hall found the first one, a total of 10 snakes had already appeared.

“After all the research, everybody's saying they're some form of garter snake. But they're also giving the caveat that nobody's ever seen their garter snake that big," she told Denver7.

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The incident prevented Hall from unpacking more things as she was scared to find more snakes around the house.

“I can't unpack any of my stuff because I'm definitely afraid that there's snakes in the boxes or under the boxes,” she said

Since then, the woman hired a snake wrangler who helped remove the reptile creatures from her new home. Although they were already gone from the property, she clarified that none of them were killed.

According to the snake wrangler’s estimation, the snakes had lived in the house for two years based on their size.

Regarding her thoughts if she was the first person to find the creatures, Hall said, “I don't feel like I'm the first one to find them, but I don't think that anybody would ever say that they knew they were there.”

“It's rough. I'm 42 years old, and this is my first home. I've worked my whole life for it, and I can't enjoy it. My kids can enjoy it. I'm scared to death,” she told the outlet. 

Not only did the snakes instill fear in her, but it also took a toll on her finances as she already spent $1,000 to remove the snakes.

Denver7 was able to reach the realty company that helped the woman secure her first home. A spokesperson told the outlet that if they had seen the snakes first, they would have told her about them. 

They also assured the public that it was the first time they got a report about a snake infestation at any of the properties they'd sold in the past.

What would you do if you found snakes on your new property? Would you hire someone to remove them, or would you move into a new home? Let us know your thoughts and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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