Mom Trades In Frizzy Long Locks For Silky Blonde Hairdo

Feb 12, 2021 by apost team

Makeover shows are fun to watch. The ones getting the transformation are usually women and they are almost always middle-aged or older. In this 2016 episode of TODAY’s Ambush Makeover, however, one of the two lucky winners chosen from the plaza was a 19-year-old college student. The other was a 43-year-old. Both of them were in New York to attend the same basketball tournament! Read on to see their glow-ups!

The two ladies were given, as host Hoda Kotb calls it, “gorgeous head-to-toe looks,” courtesy of the duo which consists of celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari, as well as TODAY contributor and fashionista Jill Martin. This is what went down.

“So, we had some young folks out on the plaza today,” said host Hoda Kotb.

“It was incredible,” Licari replied. “It was a completely different group. It was all college kids, it was so much fun to pick.”

The first lucky lady was 19-year-old Libby Acker from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Libby was a sophomore, pre-med at Xavier University. She is on spring break and was in New York with 92 of her fellow ‘Musketeers’ to cheer on their basketball team. She shared that has not cut her hair since she was 14 years old, and that she doesn’t wear makeup.

“I’m pretty excited, honestly,” Libby told the TODAY reporter. “I haven’t cut my hair in a while so I’ll be excited to see what it looks like.”

Wrapping up the pre-interview, the reporter asked Libby: “And I know your mom is watching so what do you have to say to her?”

To which Libby replied jokingly, “Mom, don’t freak out!”

Back in the studio, Libby’s friends are visibly excited to see her new look.

As Libby enters the set, we see a woman looking like a total girl boss.

Her hair is softened, lightened and given highlights -- Even the parting is different! She is wearing a white bomber jacket, a black pencil skirt, and strappy high heels.

Perhaps Libby’s playful message to her mom should have extended to her friends as well, because boy, did they really freak out! All six of them could not believe what they saw and a couple of them were even moved to tears! The Ambush Makeover duo Licari and Martin seemed to be in disbelief as well at how good Libby looked!

Now it’s time for Libby to see for herself. The host tells her to turn behind to the mirror and that makes Libby shriek almost immediately. Libby is naturally very pretty, and the makeup that the team put on her enhanced all her features. She looks simply stunning!

Natalie Archibaque from Richmond, Virginia is up next. She was in New York to attend a basketball tournament, the same one as Libby and her friends. She came to the plaza to try and get “ambushed,” and was successful! Natalie’s sons constantly tell her that she needs to get a haircut and the time to do that finally arrived.

“So, Garrett, you really want this for Mom, huh?” the reporter asked Natalie’s older son.

“Yes, ma’am. She really needs it. She’s got super long gray hair and she hasn’t got it cut in a while,” he replied, and added that he loves his mom.

“I have to be a cool mom for these two boys,” Natalie said.

A few hours pass. The team has worked their magic and Natalie is ready to show the three main men in her life her new look. As she entered the set, the hosts were in awe. “Oh, Natalie, Natalie, Natalie! Hot, hot!” Kotb exclaimed, creating even more suspense for Natalie’s husband and two sons, who were still in blindfolds.

When the three guys take off their blindfolds, they are speechless at first. Then her husband went, “Awesome, beautiful!”

Natalie’s hair has been cut half of its original length. It’s straightened and dyed a strawberry blonde. It looks gorgeous. 

Licari said that the team worked to make sure her hair length was proportioned to her body. He explained that proportioning is crucial to getting a flattering look for yourself. He also made her hair softer and gave her highlights around the front. 

Martin said she loved that the faux leather sleeves gave an accent to Natalie’s all-black outfit which also helped make the necklace stand out.

The two ladies come together at the end to celebrate their new looks. It’s unclear if they were rooting for the same basketball team that night, but one thing is for sure, they were both winners!

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